Trump: I May Have ‘Lightly’ Colluded For Moscow Tower During The Campaign

Reality show star and alleged president Donald J. Trump woke up this morning, took a breath, and started tweeting about yesterday’s news that his pursuit of a Trump Tower Moscow continued all the way through to July of 2016.

Set aside the urge to fact-check Trump here. You do not misremember the campaign or all of his many denials since the press first began to notice his weird fondness for Russian strongmen. What’s important to see here is that Trump wants to evoke a feeling rather than a set of facts. He wanted to gift Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse, a proffer that apparently stood straight though the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr. as well as the Republican National Convention; these are now facts, on the record in a federal courtroom. But do go on, sir:

I committed tax evasion lightly. I committed treason lightly. My friend the King committed murder with a bone saw lightly, so I helped cover it up lightly. Minimization does not invalidate a confession to a crime, or to the knowledge thereof. Tweeting will not save Trump, nor will it help his family, who are increasingly entangled in Robert Mueller’s investigation. All it does is make him feel a little better for a moment.

Want to bet Donald comes home early from the G20 conference in Buenos Aires?

Featured image via screen capture