Watch Hillary Clinton And Rachel Maddow Brilliantly Handle Protester Who Disrupted MSNBC’s Town Hall

On Monday evening, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both sat down with Rachel Maddow for a town hall style interview to try to pick up any undecided voters who may be left before Tuesday’s primaries. During Clinton’s interview, a protester interrupted to yell out a question, but instead of becoming irritated, Hillary and Rachel handled the protestor with the dignity they deserved.

A female protester stood up and yelled something about women in immigration detention. Now, if this had happened in a Republican town hall meeting, the women would have been immediately escorted out and possibly beaten if Trump’s supporters were there. None of that happened here. Rather than treat the women like an annoyance, Maddow repeated the woman’s question and Clinton answered it.

The transcript from MSNBC documented the incident:

QUESTION: (OFF MIKE) the lives of the women that are (inaudible) right now?

MADDOW: This is outside of our forum (ph). Let me just rephrase the question for you. Tell me if I get it right. Asking about women and families in family — immigration detention facilities.

CLINTON: Yes, I’m against that. Absolutely I’m against that. I’ve been against it for a long time. I’ve said we should have family detention. We should end private prisons and private detention centers. They are wrong. We should end raids and roundups, and when I am president we are going to get comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. So we will end all of these problems at the time we are successful.

By taking the protester seriously and not becoming angry, Hillary Clinton showed the audience (both at the venue and at home) that she cares about the issues that are weighing on the voters in this country. She could have just ignored this woman, but she showed her the respect she deserved by giving her an answer to the question she yelled out. And it wasn’t a bullshit answer just to shut her up, it was clearly something she has thought about and wants to fix.

Hillary Clinton acted presidential last night and it was great.


Featured image via video screenshot