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Religious Right Wrong on Abortion

Religious Right Wrong on Abortion

The Religious Right often talk about how abortion is wrong because it goes against their religion. Ignoring that religious beliefs are irrelevant for legislation, it is odd that no one ever calls them on it. Their religion does not decry abortion.

Consistency pt I: Bush got Osama

Consistency pt I: Bush got Osama

I’m starting to get a bit irritated with inconsistency in arguments these days. Somehow it bugs me more than even the flipflopping and outright lying. If your position is factually incorrect, at least make it internally consistent.

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Ignore The Distractions.

Ignore the distractions the GOP and the tea party use to herd their sheep and confuse the left.

Michigan's Republican Governor, Rick Snyder

Michigan GOP Passes Bill Granting Power To Fire Elected Officials To One Person

A few days ago, I reported
on an anti-union bill in MI that would allow the governor to appoint a
person or corporation to take complete control of a local government.

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