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Iranians Erase Graffiti On U.S. Embassy – End Of An Era

The singular symbol of U.S.-Iranian tension has been the graffiti covered walls of the closed U.S. embassy in Tehran. Over the weekend, the graffiti was scrubbed off the walls.

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Modified Cartoon by Mike Mike Luckovich's Editorial Cartoons, courtesy Cagle Cartoons

Rats From A Sinking Ship – Jeb Shedding Biggest Fundraisers At Alarming Rate

Like rats from a sinking ship, we are witnessing the implosion of the Jeb Bush campaign after three key fundraisers out of Florida depart following conflicts.

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Jeb Bush Commemorates Katrina With The Man Responsible For Letting New Orleans Drown (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush Commemorates Katrina With The Man Responsible For Letting New Orleans Drown (VIDEO)

To remember the victims and heroes of Hurricane Katrina, Jeb Bush had the bright idea to invite the architect of the disastrous FEMA response to appear in an advertisement.

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Picture CC by the Israeli Defense Force

In Latest Attempt To Start A War, Israel Claims Iran Is Sponsoring Rocket Attacks

Israel began shelling Syrian targets on the Golan Heights after claiming it was attacked by a rocket last week – blaming Iran for the attack.

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PD image of Chinese sailors honoring SECNAV Ray Mabus, courtesy US Navy

U.S. Told To Clear Out Of Key Strategic Base – Keys Being Handed To China

The United States built a naval base in the small African nation of Djibouti in 2009, and now has been asked to vacate for new tenants.

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Photo of Korean DMZ Border, CC by Henrik Ishihara

Korean Peninsula Reaches Last Minute Accord To Avoid War

A landmine began a chain of events which nearly plunged Korea into war – the peacemakers managed to bring the peninsula back from the brink.

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Conservatives Now Denying Austerity Ever Happened In Greece

Since Greece failed to thrive after the austerity measures forced upon them, now those who called for them are denying it ever took place.

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Ammosexuals Caught Planning To Shoot ‘Em All At Pokemon World Championship

Ammosexuals Caught Planning To Shoot ‘Em All At Pokemon World Championship

A shutgun, an assault rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a plan to kill off the competition nearly ruined this years Pokemon World Championship.

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Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr:

Huckabee Makes Push For Super-State Of Israel Covering Entire Middle East (VIDEOS)

In a series of appearances, Mike Huckabee called for the creation of a greater Israel, to stretch all the way into Iraq.

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Death Of The ‘Good Communist’: 75th Anniversary Of Leon Trotsky’s Assassination

75 years ago, a lone assassin killed the man whom the U.S. government called the ‘Good Communist’ – Leon Trotsky.

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Image of Chelsea O'Donnel, provided by family.

UPDATE – Comedian Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter, Chelsea, Found After Search

The daughter of comedian Rosie O’Donnell had gone missing in New York, but she has been found and is currently in police custody.

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Photo CC by Bubbels

The True Origin Of ‘American Exceptionalism’ The GOP Refuses To Talk About

Many GOP pundits claim that Alexis de Tocqueville invented the term ‘American Exceptionalism’ but the true origin is far more ironic.

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Screenshot of attack's immediate aftermath

Hundreds Dead After Syrian Regime Bombs Civilians Over Weekend

A civilian massacre happened over the weekend, after forces of the embattled government of Syria turned to air strikes.

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Photo of Ted Nugent from his facebook page.

Ted Nugent Reveals He Enjoys Watching Megyn Kelly While Nude And Stroking His Rifle (AUDIO)

TMI Alert – Ted Nugent has described how he enjoys watching Fox News’ host Megyn Kelly, and it really leaves nothing to the imagination.

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Screenshot of newly raised flag over US Embassy, Havana Cuba

Stars And Stripes Once Again Flies Over U.S. Embassy In Cuba (VIDEO)

Friday, history was made when the Stars and Stripes flew once more over the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

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Photo collage by Elisabeth Parker for AI.

American Style Creationism To Be Taught By Korean University

A new class at a prestigious South Korean university has appeared for fall, teaching ‘Creation Science’ with the goal to replace science with theology.

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Official White House Photograph, from Official White House Page

President Carter Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

A spokesperson for the 39th preside t revealed today that Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with cancer

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Photo CC by Shannon

Alabama Judge Begs State Supreme Court To Nullify SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

Don’t you have to have a slight grasp on the Constitution to be a judge?

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Photo CC by Tiffany Von Arnim

Senator Sanders Shows Respect And Grace As Rogue Activists Crash Seattle Speech (VIDEO)

When Bernie Sanders went before an audience in Seattle on Saturday, two women rushed the stage. What happened next is why Bernie has such a huge following.

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Image CC by Nathaniel Downes

Companies Increasingly Turning To Questionable Legal Tactics To Silence Criticism

Many companies have been slipping clauses into contracts designed to prevent any criticism of them. Be wary.

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