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Waiter Identifies African-American Customers On Receipts With ‘N*gga’ (VIDEO)

A New Year’s Eve party goes terribly wrong when restaurant gives four of their customers receipts tagged with “N*gga.” Racism is alive and well in America.

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Tired of Being Bullied By Cops, Group Forms ‘Human Shield’ To Protect Pot Smoker From Arrest (VIDEO)

A group spontaneously responds to cops harassing a guy smoking weed by banding together. Then all hell breaks loose.

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NYPD Asks Public For Help Identifying Assault Suspect–Turns Out To Be A Cop (VIDEO)

Good news and bad news for the NYPD: Clearest surveillance video of suspect fleeing a crime scene–ever!

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Were We Duped By The Homeless $100 Video? Perhaps, But The Homeless Are The Victims (VIDEO)

The homeless man’s brother and witnesses have a lot to say about the $100 viral video and how the homeless man was duped. And here is what we can do to make sure those responsible stop profiting by our generosity!

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Anonymous Wages War On ‘Lizard Squad’ Hackers After They Ruin Christmas For Thousands Of Kids (VIDEO)

Anonymous and The Finest have notified the Lizard Squad that this “game” is anything but over.

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Autopsy Report Released: Muzzle Imprint Confirms Cops Shot Unarmed Black Man In Back (IMAGES)

The delayed autopsy report of Ezell Ford, an unarmed black man shot dead by the Los Angeles PD, has been released. The report raises many questions.

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Obama Sets The Record Straight On Immigration, Iran And The Right-Wing Nut Jobs In Congress (VIDEO)

Either Congress gets control of its right wing fringe or President Obama will be forced to go it alone. And he is ready and able to do that and so much more.

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President Obama: Racial Profiling Is Nothing New, With Good Policing We Will See Progress (VIDEO)

President Obama says what any person of color in America already knows: that racial profiling is not new. We just happen to be talking about it now.

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President Obama To GOP: ‘Responsibly Govern Or Be Prepared For Me To Use My Veto Pen’ (VIDEO)

President Obama pulled no punches when addressing his intentions on defending health care, the environment, clean air and clean water.

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Thousands Make Their Way To Annual Possum Drop On New Year’s Eve As PETA Sues To Stop It (VIDEO)

Clay Logan of North Carolina will be fighting with PETA in court to drop his possum like the ball in Time Square on New Year’s Eve. Two decades of dropping possums and Clay doesn’t intend on stopping now. As the video demonstrates, the possum drop is something to see.

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Mendocino High School Girls Varsity players:(Front row, left to right): Aimee Gordon, Naomi Baker, Sunny Scott. (Back row) Isobell Hall and Michaela Hubbard.

High School Girls And Boys Basketball Team Banned For Taking Stand On Police Brutality

Sometimes children set better examples than the adults that are teaching them about values and responsibility. While the boys team buckled a bit, the girls stood strong as both teams paid the price for standing up for what they believed in–#I Can’t Breathe.

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Cops Conclude Pit Bull Guilty Of Christmas Death Of Its Owner, But Is This A Rush To Judgment? (VIDEO)

Too many questions, too few answers. Has this dog been executed for a crime he may not have committed? Look at the facts and decide for yourself.

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Unexpected Consequences of Legalizing Pot In Colorado–Homeless Shelters Take A Hit

A new argument is brewing. Is Colorado experiencing an increase in their homeless population as a result of legalizing marijuana? What do you think?

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Dear Relatives: Before You Get All Up In My Personal Business This Holiday, Read This

Think about every wedding, funeral, graduation and holiday event where you’re surrounded by relatives. Now think of the dread you have before attending because of the questions you know you will be asked. Here’s a teen’s solution. Simply brilliant.

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Racist Attention Whore Ann Coulter Ends Year Trashing Blacks And Kwanzaa

We need to set the record straight about Kwanzaa and this dried up, nasty old woman.

Feliz Navidog And Merry Christmas From ‘Santa Dog’ The Boston Terrier Riding His Roomba (VIDEO)

Feliz Navidog And Merry Christmas From ‘Santa Dog’ The Boston Terrier Riding His Roomba (VIDEO)

“Santa Dog,” the Boston Terrier, has become quite a sensation as he calmly rides around his home entertaining his family and us this holiday season. Enjoy.

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A Booth Saves A Lincoln, A Booth Assassinates A Lincoln, And Then There’s The Ford Family

Three families, the Lincolns, the Booths, and the Fords, crossed paths, altering each other’s destinies forever. Was it fate?

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Monkey Spends 20 minutes Trying Everything To Revive Its Dying Friend Who Was Electrocuted (VIDEO)

I am overwhelmed with emotions as I watch this miracle and the love I believe created it. This comes from my heart. I am ‘wrapping’ this article up and giving this Christmas gift from me to you–no click-bait– just a true gift of kindness.

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Santa, Mrs. Claus, And 7 Elves Arrested Protesting Dangerous Methane Fracking Project (VIDEO)

Worried about the environment and the safety of all the boys and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Claus decided to something that the federal regulatory commission failed to do.

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North Korea Hacks South Korea Power Plant, Nuclear Plant’s Blueprints Posted By Hackers (VIDEO)

This is no longer about a Hollywood movie. South Korea claims North Korea has made ‘crippling attacks on their country’–sends warning to the United States.