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Handcuffed Black Teen Saves Arresting Officer’s Life And Is Being Honored For His Actions (VIDEO)

As Ft. Lauderdale Police Officer Franklin Foulks was in the process of completing the booking paperwork, he suddenly clutched at his chest and fell to the floor. Jamal Rutledge, handcuffed, did the only thing that he could.

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2000 People Slaughtered In Baga And The Media Doesn’t Care

While the eyes of the Western world were averted to the massacre in Paris, a different kind of slaughter was happening in Baga, Nigeria.

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Victim Of Bullying With Severe Facial Burns Finds Relief From Her Physical And Emotional Scars (VIDEO)

Samira was a victim of bullying that caused severe facial scars. Enter Basma Hameed, a paramedical tattoo specialist with a procedure she created and perfected on herself. The results are life-changing. See for yourself.

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Sony Hack Benefits Charlize Theron, Who Negotiates Pay Raise After Emails Reveals Huge Pay Inequality

Thank you, North Korea. Love, Charlize.

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J.K. Rowling Condemns Murdoch’s Tweet Attacking All Muslims For Charlie Hebdo Shootings (Images)

J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to condemn Murdoch’s twisted attacks on all Muslims.

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Conservatives Believe That Obama Is The Most Liberal President Since LBJ, And They’re Right

The conservative nightmares are finally being realized, Obama is flexing his liberal muscle.

Romney Has His Coming Out Party:  ‘I Want To Be President’

Romney Has His Coming Out Party: ‘I Want To Be President’

Guess who we might have to kick around again? Warning: Never underestimate a rich man that wants to buy something.

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Fox And Friends Are ‘Outraged’ At Non-Existent Teacher Who Allegedly Banned The Bible (VIDEO)

According to the gospel of Fox and Friends, an unnamed Missouri middle school teacher was depriving a student of his First Amendment rights to read the Bible.

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Non-resident Scott Brown And Mitt Romney May Arm Wrestle For Retiring Senator Boxer’s Seat (VIDEO)

This is the stuff of nightmares.

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God Is Now The Owner Of A Town In Alabama And All Hell Is Breaking Loose

At the end of 2014, by a unanimous vote in a secret meeting of the City Council of tiny Winfield, Alabama, it was declared that “God is the owner of the City of Winfield.” And God said: “What?”

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Homophobic Cab And Bus Drivers Are Dumping Gay Passengers On The Sides Of The Road For Kissing

It is now being reported everywhere. Minimal displays of affection by gays will get them kicked to the curb. And it matters little to these haters about the safety of their passengers or if they can even find another ride .

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Dr. Ben Carson Plagiarized His Book ‘America The Beautiful’ From SocialismSucks.Net And Others

The one thing that struck me as ‘a moment’ was a passage in Carson’s book where he reveals that he was given a second chance in college when caught plagiarizing. And when you read this, you will wonder what lesson he actually learned and what kind of president could we expect.

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Governor Chris Christie And Dallas Owner Jerry Jones Are In Bed Together And It’s Getting Crowded

Governor Christie rolls over and right there next to him sharing the same bed is Dallas Cowboy’s owner, Jerry Jones. What do you think they are hiding under those covers? It would appear to be a lot.

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Not Only Have There Been ‘Selfie’ Deaths, It Is Now A Mental Disorder Covered By Obamacare (IMAGES)

Ask yourself: Are you dying to take a photo? And I mean: Are you willing to die to get that one perfect selfie? Here’s some that were. Their ‘willingness’ may be a sign of a mental disorder.

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State Bar Complaint Filed Against McCulloch Over Ferguson Grand Jury. He’s Having A Really Bad Day.

First a juror complaint and now, McCulloch has been hit with a State Bar complaint and is facing a formal investigation where his attorney’s license is on the line. Bob — you have a lot of explaining to do!

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Thanks Obama: CEO Who Threatened To Fire Employees If Obama Won, Is Now Giving Them Raises

“Things have never been better.” And he is still anti-Obama. Damn you, Obama!

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Native Americans Put GOP On Notice: Keystone Pipeline Is ‘An Act Of War Against Our People’ (VIDEO)

Native Americans send a New Year’s message to the GOP: Passing the Keystone Pipeline is a “death warrant to our environment” and would “be an act of war against our people.” The president of the Sioux tribes tells Congress why and what they intend to do to stop them.

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This Powerful And Majestic Tiger Vertically Soars In This Video, Taking One’s Breath Away (VIDEO)

A 23 second ‘OMG’ slow-motion video that you will never forget. This cat is simply magnificent.

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Police Chief Takes Heat From His Own For Standing Against ‘Racism At Work’ (VIDEO)

Whether you are the Chief of Police of a large city or just the Sheriff of a small county, you are always walking a fine line. On the one hand, you are constantly trying to keep the trust and loyalty of the men and women who serve under you as […]

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Unarmed ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Good Deed Doer Brings Stray Cat Into Shelter And Is Shot Dead By Police

What in the hell is happening in this country? A Good Samaritan with a checkered past deserves this? You be the judge. The cops have already taken the role of executioners.