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A Gray Wolf Dies, Hunters Celebrate As Her Pack Calls For Her, Waits, Howls And Finally Grieves (VIDEO)

We celebrate and mourn the lives and deaths of two glorious alpha female gray wolves.

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Scott Walker Bypasses Gas And Oil Pollution Research To Focus On Health Study Of Wind Turbines

Wake up Wisconsin voters. Your leader is a crook who is funded by the 1% and could give a sh*t about you or your supposed ‘wind headaches.’

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Senators McConnell And Paul Want To Farm Hemp: ‘Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow’ (IMAGES)

Climate change might explain how hell just froze over as we find common ground with McConnell and Paul.

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Jury To ‘YouGotPosted’ Nude Photo Revenge Website Owner: You Just Got Convicted, Scumbag (VIDEO)

What this creep did to thousands of women is unforgivable.

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Doctor Takes Controversial Position: ‘Vaccinate Your Child Or Find Yourself Another Doctor’ (VIDEO)

Dr. Goodman can’t protect every child, but he has a message for anti-vaxxers.

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We All Poop, But If You Can Pass A Poop Test You Can Earn Enough To Pay For College AND Save Lives

“Save your stools, save the world.” ~ OpenBiome

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Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Victim Marissa Alexander Is Free At Last (VIDEO)

Marissa addressed the crowd and read her statement after being freed Tuesday with the probationary condition that she wear an ankle monitor for the next two years.

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RI Teacher’s ‘School Is Closed Due To Snow’ Message Using ‘Frozen’ Parody Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A teacher in Rhode Island put together a ‘Frozen’ parody just in time to let the kids know that school was cancelled and the message has gone viral. #Snowmaggeddon2015

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Cheating Husband Has Penis Cut Off TWICE With Scissors, And This Time It’s Really Gone (VIDEO)

The 21-year-old mistress still wants her member-less man. True love? You be the judge.

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Vanderbilt Rape Trial: Victim Testifies She Has No Memory But Saw Tape Of Herself Being Gang Raped

Imagine waking up in your ‘boyfriend’s’ dorm room with no memory from the night before.

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Should (Or Can) Justice Clarence Thomas Be Impeached?

Who are these two smiling goons with Clarence Thomas? Could it possibly have something to do with a court case pending before SCOTUS? Is Thomas’ vote for sale?

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Pope Francis To Big Oil And Others: God Says Go Frack Yourself And Stop Destroying The World (VIDEO)

This past week, the Pope has let the world know his views on climate change, climate deniers, deforestation and man’s abuse of nature.

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‘Deflate Gate’–Plenty Of Questions, No Answers As Patriots’ Sponsor Krispy Kreme Hits Twitter (VIDEO)

What is your take on the Patriots’ under-inflated balls?

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Extraordinary Photos Suggest Washington Trucker May Be One Of The Luckiest Men On Earth (VIDEO)

I have never seen anything like this before where the victim lives with only a couple of scratches to prove it happened.

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Miami’s Ocean Bank Loan Officer Gets Arrested After Being Caught On His Own Hidden Camera (VIDEO)

Idiot criminal of the day award goes to….

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Can’t Pay Your Student Loan? There Are States That Take Your Driver’s License Away Until You Can

And it isn’t just your driver’s license. Many states have laws that allow the state to suspend your professional license, as well. Is your state on the list?

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‘On A Mission For God’–US Army Recruitment Station In Arizona Attempts to Enlist Soldiers In His Name

In the name of whose God?

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Homeless Cat Shares Box With Abandoned Newborn–Rescuers Find Baby In Purrfect Condition (VIDEO)

Homeless cat and abandoned baby make for strange bedfellows, but a wonderful story.

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The Supreme Court Has Agreed To Hear Same Sex Marriage Case–Landmark Ruling Expected

The Supreme Court will address two questions. The answers will be heard around the world.

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Update – Baga, Nigeria: The Horrific Carnage And Utter Devastation Just Now Being Realized (IMAGES)

A woman being killed as she struggles to give birth to her baby boy is unimaginable. The aerial photos show the utter devastation. What is left of Baga?