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The Capital Couples Club: Roger & Nydia Stone Organized Orgies For Washington Power Players

Roger Stone stands accused of seven federal charges, including felony witness tampering and lying to the FBI. But does the Stone indictment give us a true picture of the Russia-probe or is there more going on behind the scenes? A Manhattan madam and the story of how Roger Stone organized orgies for the DC elite at a now-defunct Washington area sex club suggest there are still many loose ends to tie up.

Roger Stone was arrested on Friday, 1/26/2019.

Early on Friday morning, a team of FBI agents surrounded the home of Roger Stone, a self-described political operative and close associate of Donald Trump. Stone was indicted on multiple federal charges. The charges relate to the ongoing FBI probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

According to the 22-page indictment, Stone made various false statements to the FBI regarding his contacts with Julian Assange in the months leading up to the presidential election. Stone also attempted to persuade at least one witness, Randy Credico, to give false testimony to Congress.

What prompted the FBI raid on Stone’s home?

According to CNN political analyst April Ryan, on Thursday evening a group of unidentified “Trump associates” gathered at Stone’s home for a meeting. It appears that the FBI was privy to inside information regarding the subject of that meeting.

In the hours that followed the FBI petitioned the court for an arrest warrant for Stone, stating in part that there was reason to believe that evidence was about to be moved or destroyed.

Whether there was a ‘rat’ in the room (as Trump would describe an honest person) or whether there was a recording device somewhere in Roger’s home, as he suggested himself in 2017, the FBI clearly knows what the conspirators were plotting just hours before Stone’s pre-dawn arrest.

What evidence was Stone planning to destroy?

If you were looking for a ‘well-hung,’ man with an ‘insatiable’ wife for a sex party in the ’90s, Roger and Nydia Stone would have been more than happy to fulfill your “every-wish” list. The Stones were deeply entrenched in the sex scandal of the century, involving a DC sex club known as the ‘Capital Couples Club.’

As reported by Daily Mail UK here, The Capital Couples Club was basically “one big orgy, with sex acts openly taking place on the dance floor, in back rooms, and even the bar, with porn running on TV sets.”

Roger’s credit card bills revealed that he was paying for ads seeking new targets – orgy participants.

Kristin Davis’ apartment was also raided on Friday morning.

Kristin Davis, better known as the ‘Manhattan Madam’ or ‘madam to the stars,’ as she was billed during her lengthy and very public trial, shared an apartment with Roger Stone. That apartment was also raided on Friday morning. Davis herself was subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury convened in the Mueller probe.

While the relationship between Davis and the Stones is yet to be fully outlined, Roger and Nydia Stone are godparents to Kristin Davis’ child, who was born in 2016. It appears their relationship reaches back decades.

Roger Stone’s indictment doesn’t show us the whole picture.

FBI agents removed boxes of documents, computers and electronic devices, along with trash and other potential evidence in raids on three separate locations linked to Stone. While authorities have not given any clues about the nature of the evidence they expect to find, we can come up with some pretty solid theories based on what we know.

According to Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, the FBI recovered 183 recordings which were in Michael Cohen’s possession at the time his home and office were raided. The contents of those recordings have yet to be disclosed, but if Giuliani was telling the truth during his July 2018 interview with Face The Nation, only 11 of those recordings implicate Donald Trump. That potentially means that the other 172 recordings implicate someone other than Trump.

What’s more, buried in the massive pile of evidence seized during the raid on Paul Manafort, were numerous ‘extractions from devices’ which appear to have been installed in various hotel rooms in Kyiv and elsewhere. All in all, authorities seized 36 electronic devices from various locations connected to Trump’s former campaign manager. It appears these devices were being used to record activities that took place in hotel rooms.

Chess? Checkers maybe.

Donald Trump’s ‘special phone’ could listen in on every call placed at Mar-A-Lago.

It seems likely that Trump has been recording visitors to Mar-A-Lago and his other properties for quite a long time. As Vanity Fair reported here, Trump had a special switchboard installed in his own apartment at Mar-A-Lago. This device apparently allowed him to listen in on every call that was placed from any location on the premises, including other private residences.

A passage in Michael Wolff’s book, The Fire and the Fury: Inside the Trump White House, details how Trump would target the wives of his friends to have sex with. In order to accomplish this, Wolff says Trump would invite the husbands into his New York office for a ‘chat.’ He would then steer the conversation toward wife-bashing or lure the ‘friend’ into talk of cheating on his wife. These conversations were either recorded and played back for the wife, or the wife was listening in on speaker phone, without the knowledge of the husband. (Read more about Trump’s disturbing adultery obsession here via New York Daily News.)

Who is Donald Trump?

Lest we forget who the current *president really is, Donald Trump’s main claim to fame was as a casino operator and real estate mogul who dabbled in teenage ‘models’ on the side. Many of the young women and girls Trump exploited through his ‘talent agency’ were undocumented and underage workers.

These girls later described being packed into a single penthouse apartment, which was said to be “like a sweatshop.” Some girls were forced to sleep on mattresses on the floor, even as the Trump organization charged them thousands of dollars each to sleep in the shared apartment (where they were required to stay.) These girls say that speaking out against the abuses they endured while working for Trump’s ‘modeling agency’ meant that they would risk losing their jobs, their housing and many feared they would be arrested by immigration.

We should also not forget that there are accusations Ghislaine Maxwell, former girlfriend of confessed sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, recruited underage girls employed at Mar-A-Lago into prostitution. In documents filed in civil court, Virginia Giuffre said she was just 15 years old when she was hired as a towel girl at Mar-A-Lago. Giuffre told the court that it was through her employment at the Trump-owned Palm beach resort that she first came into contact with Maxwell. The case against Maxwell was settled out of court. Details of the agreement were not released to the public. Giuffre is just one of many young women Trump is accused of sexually assaulting or exploiting.

As a final point, in the midst of all of the chaos coming out of the Trump administration, the mainstream media seems to have overlooked the arrests of Ksenia Khodukina and Yevgen Rizanov. In July of 2018 the husband and wife duo was indicted on charges of running a ‘high-end prostitution ring’ out of Trump Towers III in Miami. The sex workers were being flown back and forth, between the US and Russia. The Russian Dolls prostitution ring was not the first organized crime ring to be busted while operating out of a Trump property.

Has your congress been acting crazy lately?

According to Wikipedia:

In Russian culture, kompromat, short for “compromising material” (Russian: компрометирующий материал, translit. komprometiruyushchy material), is damaging information about a politician, a businessperson, or other public figure, used to create negative publicity, as well as for blackmail and extortion.

Where are there are politicians and sex clubs, there are undoubtedly cameras. Where there are prostitution rings, there are undoubtedly cameras. Where there are extractions from devices in hotel rooms – there are undoubtedly cameras.

Russia invests a lot of time and money in order to obtain compromising material on powerful people. The sex trafficking and drug trafficking, gambling rings, and secret payoffs are just ‘tools’ used to help entice their targets into engaging in embarrassing or illegal activity.

Q: If Michael Cohen had 183 recordings and Omarosa had 200 recordings, how many recordings did Roger Stone have?

If Michael Cohen had 183 recordings and Omarosa had 200 recordings, how many recordings did Roger Stone have? How about ‘Manhattan Madam,’ Kristin Davis? Maria Butina? The Russian Dolls? For that matter, how many recordings were in David Pecker’s safe?

More importantly, what will those recordings show? Who will they implicate? If the NXIVM indictments are any indication, the scope of the Russia-probe could be massive. The charging documents in that case outline a pyramid scheme of extortion and blackmail. Those caught up in the NXIVM sex ring were required to ‘get dirt’ on their friends, family, coworkers etc… or risk having their own secrets exposed.

No one knows the extent of the Trump-Russia probe other than Robert Mueller and those working closely with him. Yet a mountain of evidence suggests that our *president may not just be compromised by Russia, but he may be deeply involved in compromising other people for Russia.

*Featured image credit: Screencap Roger Stone with friend ‘Bubbles’ via rolliequaid/Roger Stone, Twitter