Kanye: ‘I Am Distancing Myself From Politics. I’ve Been Used’

Welp. The honeymoon’s over. Looks like Kanye is breaking up with Trump.

Trouble in paradise? Sure looks like it. On Tuesday rapper Kanye West tweeted out that he was distancing himself from politics because he feels like he’s been used. He said that he’s being “used to spread messages I don’t believe in.”

“I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative!!!” he said.

This week conservative wing-nut activist Candace Owens led a new campaign called “Blexit” that encourages black voters to leave the Democratic party. Owens tried to connect Kanye with the campaign. But he said on Tuesday that he has nothing to do with it.

Though he’s gone cold now, back in April Kanye had all kinds of love for Owens. He tweeted then that he loves the way she thinks.

Kanye may want to distance himself from politics now but just about a month ago he made an appearance on Saturday Night Live. And he gave a bizarre rant all about his love for Donald Trump and Republican politics. Soon after that he went to the White House and had an unbelievable photo op with Trump in the Oval Office where he professed his love for the president.

Kanye is off his rocker. But Trump loves him. And he may be nuts but he’s right about being used by Trump and Owens. Looks like Donald is going to have to find a new token black man to show off when people call him a racist.


Featured image via flickr, Hello Chicago