Twitter Unleashes On Sarah Sanders After She Accuses CNN Of Dividing The Country

“It has to come from the top, Sarah. You can’t just say, “Unity,” and wave a magic wand. You have to actually act like a uniter. You know perfectly well your boss hasn’t done that—not once in his presidency.”

This week a madman has been sending bombs to Democrats, including President Bill Clinton and President Obama. The bomber also sent a deadly device to CNN. So far there have been nine bombs found. And officials are saying that they expect there will be more.

Any other president would use this time to calm the fears of the American people and try to unite us as a country against this violence and hatred. But not this president. No, this president has decided instead to blame the victims. The bomber is still at large and Trump is busy attacking the media for the whole thing.

After the bomb scare at CNN on Wednesday, the network’s president Jeff Zucker put out a strong statement criticizing the White House for their continued attacks on the media.

And then White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made things even worse by accusing Zucker of dividing the country.

And to say that her tweet didn’t go over well would be a big understatement. People on Twitter just destroyed her.


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