This Panel Of White Suburban Women Voters Is A VERY Bad Sign For Republicans (VIDEO)

Listening to this panel of white suburban women voters should scare the hell out of Republicans.

In 2016 Donald Trump lost the female vote. But he won with white women, especially white suburban women. A lot has happened since the election in 2016. And many of the women who once voted for Trump are now disgusted by him.

Over the weekend CNN put together a panel of five suburban women to talk about Trump and the state of the country. Only one out of the five women still supported Trump. The other four women had very strong negative reactions to him and are planning on voting for Democrats in the very important midterms.

The women on the panel were all from Minnesota’s third district. The panel was made up of one Independent voter, two women who previously voted for the Republicans but are now voting Democrat, one conservative Democrat, and one Trump supporter.

The women were particularly disgusted with Trump’s personal behavior. All five of them, including the Trump supporter, were completely turned off with Trump’s bullying and name calling and misogyny.

Most of the women were also very upset about the Kavanaugh appointment. All of the women said that we need to listen to and believe women when they come forward with sexual assault allegations. Donald Trump has never done that. In case after case he has sided with the men. During the confirmation process Trump actually mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And it did not go unnoticed by these suburban women.

White suburban women are a big reason that Trump is in the White House today. But a whole lot has changed in the last two years. And that should scare the hell out of Republicans running in the midterms.



Featured image via screengrab from video