Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes Down In Flames After Lashing Out At CNN Again

During the last two days, the authorities seized suspicious packages containing “potentially destructive devices” that were sent to former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Rep. Maxine Waters, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, George Soros, CNN, and others. Donald Trump has been fanning the flames for two years, inciting violence, even on his Twitter account which has a massive following. He has retweeted a doctored image with the CNN logo imposed on a bloodlike splatter under his shoe, and a gif of him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball. Let’s not forget the ‘Lock her up!’ chants at the hundreds of rallies for Trump, even one that took place last night with a chorus of his supporters calling for Clinton to be imprisoned. The list of violent rhetoric from Trump, including suggesting that someone shoot Clinton, is lengthy.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sparked outrage on Wednesday after she somehow accused CNN president Jeff Zucker of dividing America.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump addressed the assassination attempts of his critics by calling for Americans to “come together in peace and harmony” but later on at his rally in Wisconsin, he blamed the media while ignoring his own violent rhetoric.

CNN president Jeff Zucker took issue with Trump’s call for unity after he has repeatedly lashed out at the media.

Sanders responded in a tweet, accusing Zucker of attacking and dividing the country.

That did not go down well on Twitter.

The president* is supposed to lead by example in his call for unity, not stoke the flames to create more divisiveness and Sarah Sanders is complicit.

By the way, actor Robert De Niro, another critic of Donald Trump’s, just received an explosive device this morning at a restaurant that he owns.

Featured image via screen capture.