GOP Congressman Says Trump Should Impose Martial Law At Southern Border To Stop Caravan


A sitting member of the House of Representatives is now suggesting that Trump should declare martial law at the southern border to stop the migrant caravan. Yes, seriously.

On Tuesday the Huffington Post reported that Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert is suggesting that Donald Trump may have to impose martial law at the southern border to stop the caravan of migrants making their way north from Honduras.

Gohmert made an appearance Tuesday on the “Todd Starnes Radio Show,” a Fox News program. And apparently he lost his damn mind.

“If, in fact, this mob heads towards California, what’s gonna happen then?” Starnes asked the Congressman. “Because [Democratic governor] Jerry Brown will welcome them. You know it’s a sanctuary state. Do you think the president will allow that to happen?”

“I don’t think the president will allow that to happen,” Gohmert replied, suggesting that Trump could send troops to the borders over Brown’s objections and that the California governor would be committing treason by aiding the migrants.

“This has got to be so massive, I mean, you might have to declare martial law along the border,” Gohmert said. “And the Democrats have been too stupid to realize that encouraging this caravan they may actually empower the president to do things they never wanted.”

When the radio host asked Gohmert what exactly he meant by martial law he said that it would mean “federal troops coming in and being at the border, and if anyone tried to stop them, they could be dealt with.”

“You would probably need federal law enforcement to be there to arrest any Americans who might try to stop it,” he elaborated. “The military needs to have their weapons pointed towards Mexico and not toward the American people, but it may be that we have to have enough federal law enforcement, and maybe we have to have the National Guard if Jerry Brown is going to force the issue ― but I hope and pray he won’t be so stupid as to try to stop the U.S. government from enforcing our border because then we’re talking treasonous-type acts.”

This isn’t the first time that Gohmert has said something insane. He’s been bat-shit-crazy for a long time.

Remember back in 2015, the Jade Helm conspiracy theory? Wing-nut conservatives were insisting that President Obama was going to declare martial law in the southern states and put conservatives in secret detention camps under Walmarts. Remember that? Yeah, Louie Gohmert was all over that one.

Gohmert has always been a nut-job. But the concerning thing now is that Trump likes and listens to him.


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