Former GOP Congressman Shreds Trump For Lying About A Middle Class Tax Cut (VIDEO)

“Call it a lie!”

On Tuesday former Republican Congressman David Jolly made an appearance on CNN. And he hammered Trump for his latest lie about passing a middle class tax cut before the election.

Over the weekend Trump started floating this imaginary middle class tax cut. No bill has been written and Congress isn’t even in session. But that’s not stopping Trump from telling his very stupid supporters that he is going to cut their taxes before November.

CNN host Kate Bolduan asked Jolly how he would describe Trump’s claims that he’s cutting taxes for the middle class when Congress isn’t even in session.

Jolly didn’t hesitate.

“You call it a lie,” he said. “This is the President of the United States lying, not just to his supporters, but to the American people.”

Jolly said that Trump’s new imaginary middle class tax cut is just evidence that the last tax cut the Republicans passed “has not given them the political boost going into November that they needed.”

“He’s ramping up a cycle of fear like he did a term or two ago when the issue was Syrian refugees,” Jolly said. “I was not an Obama supporter, obviously, I was a Republican member of Congress… but the contrast between Barack Obama deciding politically to sell hope — and with President Trump selling fear — each are very powerful.”


Featured image via screengrab from video