Melania Trump Somehow Just Claimed That She Is ‘The Most Bullied Person In The World’

Let’s all get out our tiny violins for First Lady Melania Trump, the woman who insisted that Barack Obama show his birth certificate even though he already did — because she feels that she is the most bullied person in the world. Tom Llamas conducted an interview with Trump’s wife for 20/20 and he asked what prompted her to launch her anti-cyberbullying BeBest campaign. Melania responded to say, “I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world.” But, there are no anti-Melania rallies taking place in which the crowds chant “Lock her up!” That would be considered an extreme case of bullying.

Llamas asked her to explain what she meant, and Melanie repeated that she is “one of” the most bullied people in the world.

“One of them — if you really see what people are saying about me,” she said as she explained how her experience with bullying led her to launch her “Be Best” campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about cyberbullying even though her own husband is the biggest cyberbully in the world.


She also admitted that she has warned her husband of people in his administration that he shouldn’t trust.

“It’s harder to govern,” Mrs. Trump said.” “You always need to watch your back.”

When Melania went to Puerto Rico wearing a jacket that read, “I don’t really care, do u?” I suppose she feels she received unfair criticism while the island was conducting death tolls. The interview with the first lady took place in Africa, where she traveled to promote her “Be Best” campaign, and there’s some irony there because her own husband called those areas ‘shitholes’ and she visited Kenya, where she once claimed that former President Barack Obama was really born. There are dozens of examples we could offer here to show that Melania is not the victim. She’s her husband’s partner in bullying. She just does it quietly while her husband is brash, loud, calls for an end to protests, and lashes out at his critics while he repeats fake news talking points.

Oh, and she thinks Brett Kavanaugh is fit to hold a seat in the highest court in the land even after he, like her husband, has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh’s first accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, still can’t return home due to the unending death threats issued to her from Trump supporters.

Be best, Melania.

<takes out tiny violin>

Image via screen capture.