Neo-Nazi Republican Crashes Challenger’s Rally, Wants To ‘Debate’ The Holocaust

Neo-Nazis are on the rise in the age of Donald Trump. After all, that is the sort of thing that tends to happen when a nation is stupid and ignorant enough to elect an open racist “president.” Some of them are even on the ballot for the midterm elections as Republicans. One such person is Arthur Jones. Jones is running for Congress in Illinois’s Third District. He is an open Holocaust denier who believes that black people are genetically inferior to white people.

At first, it appeared that Jones’ only challenger would be incumbent Democrat Daniel Lipinski. However, a new, long-shot candidate has launched a campaign to challenge Jones, and to give voters in the district another choice. Thirty-five-year-old Justin Hanson launched a write-in campaign from his own backyard. Jones showed up, demanding a “debate” on whether or not the Holocaust even occurred. Hanson took the whole thing in stride, and reportedly told Jones, “you don’t deserve to wear that hat,” referring to Jones’ American flag adorned baseball cap. Jones allegedly shouted:

“You want to debate the Holocaust, I’ll debate the Holocaust!”

Hanson has called Jones “an avowed Nazi who supports vile policies.” Jones has said he “snookered” the GOP into nominating him. Both candidacies are a long shot, as this district is dominated by Democrats. But, at least Hanson gives conservative voters a choice besides a literal Nazi. Then again, the fact that someone like Jones is on that ballot at all says a hell of a lot about the current state of the GOP.

And Jones isn’t the only white supremacist running, either. The GOP nominated Confederacy enthusiast Corey Stewart to challenge Democratic Senator and former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine for the Virginia Senate race. Stewart had a recent habit of palling around with Jason Kessler, organizer of the white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally, which, of course, resulted in the death of a woman last year in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And let’s not forget Paul Nehlen, running to replace retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First District. Nehlen hasn’t won the nomination yet, because that primary has yet to be held. However, he has the most name recognition, and was deemed so overtly racist that even Breitbart had to drop him. I could go on, but see for yourself – NBC News did an entire segment on the GOP white supremacists running for office:

Here’s a note, GOP: Don’t want us to think you’re racist, get rid of the Nazis. Simple.

Featured image via Anti Defamation League