Trump Laughs After Philippine Leader Calls Journalists ‘Spies’ In Country Where Journalists Are Routinely Murdered

Donald Trump probably wishes the United States was more like the Philippines.

Trump was downright chummy with mass murderer and human rights violator Rodrigo Duterte on Monday during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit in Manila.

Not only did Trump refuse to nail Duterte for violating human rights, he laughed when Duterte accused journalists of being “spies” when they peppered the dictatorial duo with questions about human rights.

“We would be talking on matters that are of interest of both the Philippines and… With you around guys, you are the spies,” Duterte said, drawing laughter from Trump.

Bloomber reporter Jennifer Jacobs chronicled how Duterte and Trump treated journalists at the Summit.

Trump has been attacking the media since he announced his candidacy back in 2015. And he has relentlessly attacked the media since taking office, accusing journalists of writing or reporting “fake news.”

Ever since he became the Philippine leader, Duterte has been responsible for the killing of 100,000 people, casualties of a war on drugs Duterte promised to wage during his campaign.

President Obama was a sharp critic of Duterte, and Duterte retaliated by calling him the “son of a whore” and sought closer ties with China and Russia. Of course, Trump likes Duterte and has avoided calling him out for his abuse of power. Trump even invited Duterte to the White House.

Trump’s amusement at Duterte’s remarks about journalists are particularly alarming since the Philippines is one of the most deadly places on Earth for journalists.

Newsweek reports that 177 journalists have been killed there since 1986.

And Trump added further insult to injury by not even discussing Duterte’s terrible human rights record. Instead, he let Duterte do all the talking and merely nodded in agreement with him. Once again, Trump demonstrates that he is a coward who can be walked over by other world leaders. Conservatives bitched and moaned whenever President Obama bowed to greet some world leaders. But apparently they are okay with Trump just laying down.

Featured Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images