WATCH: Viral Video Of Tomi Lahren Being Called A ‘Racist Piece Of Sh*t’ To Her Face

If you don’t know who Tomi Lahren is by this point, you’re clearly a very fortunate person. Lahren has made her fame off trashing everything liberal despite not knowing anything of which she speaks.

Barely out of college, and still green in the world, Lahren had viral videos hosted through The Blaze, but was ultimately let go because of her raging hypocrisy surrounding abortion rights. Then after months of making videos on her phone and clearly adored by Fox News propaganda artist Sean Hannity, she was ultimately added to Fox as a regular mouthpiece. Now, she’s out in Hollywood, the land in which she claims to hate, going out and doing all the Hollywood things she can, and someone just caught her on camera.

It looks as though she got hoodwinked into posing for a photo, because you can see her smiling, but then, in video mode, she’s asked:

“Tomi, what’s it like to be a racist piece of sh*t?”

At that point, she smiles and walks away.

Watch the video here:


You see, Lahren, time and time again, has proven through her videos, that without a doubt, she is clearly racist.

Welcome to Hollywood, Lahren. A liberal land of fact-checking, all-inclusive people who will literally call you out when they see you.

Featured photo via video screen capture