Ben & Jerry Tell Us Why Pulling Out Of Paris Climate Deal Was The Right Move

Ben and Jerry, the über liberal Vermont ice cream guys, are no fans of Donald Trump and in a blistering and sarcastic op-ed, they sarcastically explained how pulling out of the Paris climate treaty was the right thing to do.

The op-ed, on their website, is tongue-in-cheek, but also bitter (a terrible suggestion for a Ben & Jerry’s flavor). They talk about the jobs that will be lost:

We hear China is ramping up their renewable energy production and it sure looks like a lot of work. Beijing alone plans to invest $360 billion in renewables by 2020, creating more than 13 million jobs. But jobs are work! Work is hard! It’s so much easier to luxuriate in the status quo, driving our fossil-fuel-powered cars and enjoying our coal-created electricity like we always have.

It’s also quite personal for them. The cost of cocoa beans and vanilla will rise dramatically over the coming years.

Then, there’s the fact that we are one of only three countries who have chosen not to participate. That means we will no longer have a seat at the table and it means that for all intents and purposes, we can no longer call ourselves a superpower.

Ben & Jerry go on to talk about the wonderful ocean views we’ll all soon have:

Who doesn’t love oceanfront property? With runaway climate change melting glaciers and causing sea levels to rise at unprecedented rates, a whole lot more of us could be seeing waves from our bedroom windows. Sure, some folks might lose their homes and businesses, and our coastal cities could see devastating changes, but a whole lot of people will also be able to learn how to surf right in their backyards. Sounds like a fair tradeoff to us.

They also look forward to the impending world crises, which make “life exciting.”

We can see it now: “13.1 Million US Homes Flooded — Boat Sales Surge,” “World Refuses to Cooperate with US Foreign Policy, US Sulks Like Angsty Teenager,” and “Hundreds of Plants and Animals Now Extinct, US Says ‘We Never Liked Polar Bears Anyway.’”

Then, there’s the fact that the world is ready to take the reins, with or without us. We are the second largest emitter of greenhouse gasses and we are leaving it up to everyone else to clean up our messes.

Featured image via theimpulsiovebuy/Flickr