College Graduates Keep Rejecting Trump’s Evil Minions (VIDEOS)

Graduates of University of Notre Dame’s 2017 class, conducted a walk-out protest when Vice President Mike Pence began his commencement speech. Events like this are becoming regular for the team President Trump put together (and there are likely to be many more). But you can’t blame students for reacting and repelling officials with pasts like these. Young people are paying attention to the policies and aren’t enamored with a title. They are saying “bye” to Trump’s evil minions.

While serving as Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence did everything he could to make abortions impossible for women. This went along with attacks on female health and LGBT rights. The man signed a bill that allow businesses to discriminate against people based on their sexuality. So, when the University of Notre Dame invited him to give a commencement speech, the students did this:

One student, Xitalaly Estrada, when asked about the walkout said,

“Initially when the invite went out, we were all a little more than hesitant to attend, especially because this administration has been denigrating people of color and minority groups. My parents are immigrants and they’re in constant state of discomfort. I don’t think my parents have ever felt comfortable in this country. My biggest concern was that this day, that was supposed to be for my family and their sacrifices that led me to be able to graduate from the University of Notre Dame, would be overshadowed by someone who has openly endorsed their denigration and has corroborated their marginalization as an immigrant group, as Mexicans, as, at one point, people who worked in the fields, as people who work in the service sector, and they would have to hear that person speak at my commencement.”

Many students who opposed the administrations stance on issues ranging from religion and race, and the Vice President’s specific prejudice against LGBT community stood and left the stadium.

Earlier in the month, Secretary of State, Betsy Devos received similar treatment at Bethune-Cookman University. Though, it got considerably uglier. Students at the the historically black institution heckled her for most of the speech. The rest of the time, she spoke to a crowd of gowned backs, some with fists raised in protest. And it was only a 20 minute speech:

Why a Trump administration official who called HUCU’s “the pioneers of school-choice” thought her speaking at one was appropriate is beyond rational. She actually thought segregation was the same as school choice. And her policies like the stripping of protections of student loan borrowers, her bosses threat to defund black colleges, and her attacks on public schools don’t seem to be washed away by her kind words regarding civil rights leaders and her bosses liking of “the blacks”. She left public schools in the city of Detroit in ruins and plans to do the same all over the country — students just want her policies to do the talking. Not her.

As this year’s graduation class moves on, it will be interesting to see whether those in the Trump administration steer clear of the stage. If not, they might have to get accustomed to young people who reject their policies and would choose to never walk across the stage over listening to them speak.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images