Exasperated Anderson Cooper Tells Trump Supporter What We’ve All Been Thinking (VIDEO)

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has pretty much had it with Trump surrogates. Last week, he became a viral internet meme when he rolled his eyes at Kellyanne Conway. Now, he’s about to become another internet meme with his hilariously disgusting and inappropriate comment to Trump sycophant Jeffrey Lord.

Cooper was interviewing Lord on Friday afternoon. Lord was defending Trump’s telling Russian officials that he fired Comey to take the pressure off his administration. Cooper became just frustrated enough with the BS that was being spouted that Cooper, on live cable news TV, said, “If he told a dump on his desk, you would defend it.”

Cooper realized that the might have wandered outside the norms of professionalism (don’t we all these days) and sort of apologized. He even offered Lord a bit of flattery — if you can call it that:

“I mean, I don’t know what he would do that you would not defend,” Cooper continued. “I mean, you’re a loyal guy, I think that speaks well of you.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Here’s the video:

The actual apology came via Twitter:

The Twitterverse thought Cooper’s apology was completely unnecessary Many were amazed at Cooper’s restraint:

One, though, noted the real problem with the interview:

Featured image via video screen capture.