Student At Virginia University Sings ‘Kill All N****rs’ Wearing Trump Mask (VIDEO)

Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Virginia, is still investigating a racist video posted to YouTube that has been widely shared on social media.

The video shows a women, wearing a Donald Trump mask, dancing with a gun to some brand of racist, alt-right inspired hip-hop. Hate-filled and covering all the racist talking points, the music playing in the background of the video gives a “shout-out” to Donald Trump, promotes lynching “N*****rs” and white power. At one point, the woman in the video even wears a t-shirt reading, ‘My President is White Again’.



While the video has since been taken down by YouTube, for not following the video-sharing site’s guidelines, it’s effect on the student body — and many others — had already been done. According to Raw Story, campus police got involved because the women in the video appears at one point to be wearing a sweatshirt branding the Old Dominion University logo. Many at the university responded.

“This is not something we tolerate. Hate is not something our campus condones, tolerates, or endorses.” SGA President Rachael Edmonds told the local news.

The President of Old Dominion, John Broderick also issued a statement calling the video, “an outrageous act of hate and intolerance”. President Broderick went on to say, “These types of incidents stand as a stark reminder that we must continue our resolve to educate on the importance of civility and inclusion.”

Isn’t that the truth. As we are asked to believe that the United States is a post-racial society, incidents like this only increase under a President who doesn’t denounce racists and fuels them with racist rhetoric. For those who think this is a bad apple and that the President’s words have nothing to do with it, there an entire page of tweets showing racist episodes people of color faced the first day after Donald Trump was elected.

To say that the racist video adds to the list of disturbing and scary reality for poc is an understatement. The video was posted in February, but no person has yet been held accountable for it. Following tips from the OSU community, campus police ruled out numerous suspects. In March, School officials did confirmed that the video was not recorded in an On Campus Dormitory. The video is still under investigation. Anyone with information can contact ODU police at 757-683-4000.

Featured image via screen capture