Trump Press Secretary F*cks Up, Idiotically Retweets Satire Video Making Fun Of Him

The Trump administration has a Twitter problem. Donald Trump can’t seem to control his narcissistic Twitter rants, but even his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, is far too impulsive. He retweeted a video that he thought was a flattering portrayal, but the truth is, it was a satirical Onion video, and if he had watched till the end, he would realize it wasn’t flattering at all.

A good part of Spicer’s job is to monitor the media. You would think he would read all the way through, or at least who the source was, but instead, Spicer tweeted, “You nailed it. Period!” to the Onion.

The video, entitled “5 Things To Know About Sean Spicer,” should have let Spicer in on the joke in the very first item. It said his role in the Trump administration is “to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation.”

Okay, perhaps he missed the “mis” in “misinformation.” Next?

The second one was innocuous enough. It said he was formerly Senior Correspondent on NPR’s national desk. Fair enough. Next?

Clearly, Spicer didn’t get to the third one because in that, the Onion called his speaking style “defensive.”

As for whether Spicer has lied to the press, the answer to #4 is possibly above most Trumpian’s heads:

“One’s own mental activity is the only unquestionable fact of one’s experience.”

The last one could be what Spicer was referring to when he said “nailed it!” The question was, “does he nail the pocket square or does he nail the pocket square.”

Spicer is almost as good at the pocket square as he is at “alternative facts,” so the Onion’s answer was:

Snowy white, quarter inch of clearance — you better believe he does.

Oddly, that tweet is still up, but people aren’t letting him forget it. Of course, as one Twitter user reminded us, Spicer also tweeted two passwords last week. In other words, he’s clearly not too bright.