Kids Are Running Like Hell Thanks To #TrumpsComingChallenge – And We Totally Get It (VIDEO)

One of the phenomena that social media has given rise to is “challenges.” A few years ago there was the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” The “Mannequin Challenge” has been the latest craze. Now, kids are running like hell thanks to the “Trump’s Coming Challenge” and if any of these have ever made sense, this one sure does.

How the “Trump’s Coming Challenge” works is simple (and doesn’t include any freezing cold water). Someone bursts into a room unexpectedly and shouts, “Trump’s coming!” Everyone then takes off running full tilt in an effort to flee the impending doom of Trump’s arrival. You know, what we all had the urge to do on Election Night. In a variation of the challenge, instead of sprinting away, participants simply drop to the floor and lie there motionless.

The “Trump’s Coming Challenge” comes from a prior viral trend, the “Andy’s Coming Challenge,” which was based on the movie Toy Story. In the tale, the toys come to life when they are alone, but when they hear Andy (or any other human) coming, they must return to their places or stop and drop so that they don’t give away their secret.

See the #TrumpsComingChallenge in action, here:

Featured image via video screen capture