Trump Fan: Sexual Assault Victims Should ‘Grow a Set’ And Just ‘Get Over It’ (VIDEO)

After former reality show star Donald Trump was caught on video speaking casually about sexually assaulting women, it’s clear that his supporters take no issue with that. Sexual assault is a soul-crushing experience but to them, the victim just needs to “get over it.” We’ve heard Trump’s defenders refer to the Republican presidential candidate’s predatory “grab them by the pussy” comments in 1995 as simply “locker room talk.” Maybe they’re speaking of the locker rooms at Rikers Island, who knows.

It’s not just Trump’s angry white male supporters, but women, too. In light of recent allegations by up to 12 women who say Trump sexually assaulted or harassed them, CNN’s Randi Kaye spoke to Donald’s supporters at a rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Tuesday to get their take on it.

“Donald Trump really has the character of God: a loving, caring father,” one woman told Kaye. “Donald Trump is a man God chose for a time such as this.”

“I think we’ve all fallen short from what God expects,” said another.

Another said that people just try to “pick on Trump and his character.”

One man said he’s not “looking for someone who is perfect,” but he is looking for “someone to save this country.” That man originally supporter Ben Carson but now, he’s on the Trump Train.

As for Trump’s infamous ‘grab them by the pussy’ comments, one man said it bothered him but added, “Is it a deal breaker? No.”

One woman said, “Some of that the media has made it be worse than it is.”

The reported reminded her that his remarks are on tape. The woman said, “Yeah, it doesn’t bother me.”

“I think those women need to grow a set, personally,” she continued. “You know, it’s been a lot of years. Get over it.”


We’re pretty sure if her daughter was sexually assaulted, she wouldn’t be so dismissive. Or if it happened to her or her mother. But it’s OK. It happened to someone else so ‘get over it.’ Such caring conservatives.

Reminder: Trump is due in court on December 16th on child rape charges.

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Image via screen capture.