After Telling 37 Lies In One Day, Trump Calls Fact Checkers ‘Scum’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is a serial liar and that probably explains his dislike for fact-checkers. Donald has viciously targeted the media and his supporters respond by frequently referring to reporters as the ‘enemy.’  While giving a speech at an airport in Sanford, Florida, Trump went after fact-checkers.

“These fact-checkers, they’ll check facts with me and I’m like, like, 99-per-cent right, and they’ll say, ‘And therefore he lied,’ ” Trump said. “Oh boy, these people are bad. What a group of people we have. What a group of dishonest scum we have, I’m telling you.”

He literally called fact-checkers ‘scum.’

Daniel Dale, a Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, fact checks Donald and the paper produces a list almost daily of Trump’s lies.

Dale noted on Twitter that Trump “said 35 false things yesterday.”

His following tweet reads, “Donald Trump’s 35 false claims on Tuesday follows his record-tying 37 false claims on Monday.”

The day before Trump’s speech in which he blasted fact-checkers,  the Star counted 37 false claims from the GOP presidential nominee.

That tied the record he set at the third and final presidential debate, which he claimed every poll showed him winning, which was, of course, not at all true.

The paper admits that “there are grains of truth in some of his false claims” but “most are flat wrong.”

The list includes Trump’s regurgitated rhetoric on Hillary Clinton’s emails. Trump claimed the deletion of emails was “such an expensive process,” however, a free software program was used.

He said “nobody” has asked her running mate, Tim Kaine, about comments her aides made about Catholics in hacked emails, though Kaine has been asked on national television. He bragged, for at least the second time, that he had won 42 states in the Republican primary, though it was 36 states.


The paper fact-checked the three presidential debates.  Trump said 104 false things. In contrast, Clinton said 13.

“You have a candidate who is frequently saying 20 false things in a day, up to 37 on some days,” Dale said.

At the rally in Florida, Trump called journalists “a bunch of phony low-lifes.” Trump’s assault on the First Amendment has been vicious. In August, Trump pointed at MSNBC’s Katy Tur.

“What a lie. Katy Tur. What a lie it was,” Trump said, pointing at her from the stage. “Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.”

After that, the Secret Service had to escort her to her car. And now it’s fact-checkers who are being targeted.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla via Getty.