Trump Fans Are Asked About ‘P*ssy Grabbing’ Remarks And It Gets REALLY Bad (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s lewd and predatory remarks about women is causing him to lose support with Republicans but his conservative followers just don’t care. What’s really alarming about this is that we even have to have a discussion to explain that sexual assault is a bad thing.

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper just confirmed that when visiting a Trump rally in Pennsylvania to get his supporters’ take on the reality-show-star-turned-GOP-presidential-candidate’s ‘Grab them by the pussy’ comments.

Klepper asked if Trump had finally crossed the line. One supporter said, “You know what? So what if he wants to grab pussy. I want to grab pussy. I wish I could grab pussy as much as he is.”

Klepper wondered how they felt about the candidate casually talking about sexual assault. One supporter said it was “just locker room talk.”

“What do you mean?,” Klepper asked. “Guys in a bar talk that way when they see a pretty girl,” the man answered.

One female Trump supporter said she’s “heard worse.”

Another woman said, “It’s locker room talk. That’s what boys do.” It’s worth noting here that Trump was not a boy when he made those remarks. He was 60 years old.

Klepper told her, “I don’t talk like that” then asked her if she has children. “I do,” the woman said. When asked if her children talk like that, she said no. “So not those boys,” Klepper said. “Do you have a husband?” he asked the woman. She said she is married. “Does he talk like that?” he asked. “No,” she said. “So not that boy,” he said.

Klepper asked a young man if he uses that language and he said he did not. He asked whether his father talks like that and the young Trump supporter said no. “So who talks like that?” he asked of the man. “Well obviously Donald Trump,” he said.

A couple was approached and asked the same question. As it happens, no one with any sense of decency talks like that but every Trump supporter excused their candidate’s behavior.

One man said, “Grab it while you can, Trump.”

When asked if there’s anything the GOP presidential candidate could say that would make them not vote for him, one man said no while a woman said “No matter what he says, I will vote for Donald Trump.”

One was was asked if Trump said the n-word, would she still vote for him. She said that she would.

One man said he “spoke to a lot of women” at the rally and half of them would “love to have their pussies snatched by Trump.”

“One man’s sexual assault,” he said “is another man’s flirtation.”

Here’s the video:

These are actual voters. Be sure to grab them by the ballots on election day. Trump has emboldened the very worst in our society.

Featured image via screen capture