This Woman And Her Sign Show Us Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s Black Support (IMAGE)

Donald Trump, while pretending to reach out to minorities, has almost no minority support. That doesn’t stop him from talking down to African-Americans and telling them that they live in conditions of dangerous squalor that only he can fix. Of course, that doesn’t stop Trump from bragging about his “great relationship with the blacks.”

Well, perhaps the two people holding up the “Blacks for Trump” signs at an October 12th rally had the last name of Black, because they certainly didn’t look African-American.


Most noticed only the woman, and Twitter tore her and the fake black outreach of the Trump campaign apart.

A white woman was just holding up a blacks for Trump sign at his rally. No honey you were supposed to grab the women for Trump sign. Smh

— Plat Brat (@PlatBrat) October 12, 2016

Trump supporters have defended the woman, saying everything from she picked up the wrong sign to “it’s racist” to object to blaming Shaun King.

Um, Shaun King is bi-racial, just like the President who you hate because of his dark skin.

Clearly, the problem is not with the woman. It’s simply that the woman (and the man who for some reason is ignored) is the perfect symbol of Trump’s African-American outreach. Trump is a white man who tells African-Americans how they should be feeling, while at the same time, having a deep history of racism. His black outreach is a farce and he knows it, so really, who better to carry a “Blacks for Trump” sign than a white woman?

Featured image via Darren McCollester/Getty Images.