You Really Don’t Want To Miss Ana Navarro PUMMEL Trump’s Chief Racism Apologist (VIDEO)

When it comes to Donald Trump and his number of apologists sent out to every media outlet to justify his horrific behavior, the media has been less than extraordinary at calling out their utter bullsh*t.

However, leave it to Ana Navarro, notably a conservative, to absolutely rip Trump’s number one apologist apart during a recent segment on CNN.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is now a regular commentator on CNN.  Remember that the next time Trump wants to say the media has a liberal bias. Lewandowski decided he would defend Trump’s racism and awful remarks, and Navarro clearly has had just about enough of his shenanigans.

Navarro, laying it all out on the table, brilliantly came back at Lewandowski and said:

“I will tell you something. I will take credit for insulting him. Because he’s been insulting communities since the first day he launched his campaign, when he started talking about Mexican rapists — The reason I can call Donald Trump names and I can insult him back is because I am the sister of a disabled man and he mocked that disabled man, because I am the friend of a POW and he mocked that POW, because I’m an immigrant and he has insulted immigrants, because I’m a Hispanic and he has insulted Hispanics, because I am a woman and he has insulted women. So, yeah, we’re at the point where there’s insults and name-calling. But I would just say that he threw that rock first. He is the one who has lowered the debate to the level that it is at.”

However, honestly, my favorite part is when Lewandowski tried to go after Navarro personally trying to discredit her own experience, because this is what Trump and his lackeys do, and she swung back with:

“Oh, Corey, do me a favor, before you go attacking me — oh, let me tell you something, let me play my little violin for you.”


As it’s long been said, the moment you need to enter into personal attacks and not just attacks on policy, you have already lost. Both Trump and his lemmings, including Lewandowski, are nothing but losers who resort to just insulting people because that’s honestly all they have. Sad!

Watch some of the Navarro takedowns here:

Then the absolute destruction of Trump apologist Corey Lewandowski here:

BRAVA! That deserves a standing ovation! Brilliant.

Featured image via video screen capture