Carson Gives LAUGHABLE Reason Trump Won’t Discuss His Good Deeds

Dr. Ben Carson has earned the dubious honor of refuting the idea that brain surgeon equals smart. It clearly doesn’t, at least not beyond the operating table. Carson, who was beaten badly in the GOP primaries, is one of the few competitors who has given his full support to Donald Trump, although, if his latest comment is any indication, he’s never actually met Trump or even heard him talk.

On Morning Joe, Carson was asked a whole bunch of questions, with nearly zero follow-up. Carson, unchecked, lied about the economy and while he doesn’t approve of the entire tone of Trump’s campaign, he was allowed to make the claim that both sides do it.

The most jaw-dropping part of the interview began at about 6:52 in when Morning Joe contributor Mike Barnacle asked Carson why Trump has such a hard time speaking to people about loss. He was referring to Trump’s absolutely unsympathetic treatment of the Khans, who are a Gold Star family and who lost their son in Iraq. Carson denied that Trump was heartless. Please, for your computer’s safety, swallow your drink before reading further.

According to Carson, Trump is very compassionate and the only reason we don’t hear about the good things he does for people is that — no, I did not make this up — Trump doesn’t like self-praise. Yes, we’re still talking about Donald Trump.

“I’m–then hopeful that he will begin to put–to put out many of the stories that I am very familiar with, of things that he has done to help people who have been in very, very difficult situations. You know, he–he feels that, you know, that’s self-praising, he doesn’t want to do it.”

Here’s the video:

Huh. Isn’t that Carson right next to Trump during this debate last September, where Trump bragged enough about himself that someone made an entire video made of just Trump bragging? That’s just one debate. If some brave soul attempted to go through all the election footage, the videos would go on for hours, if not days.

Dr. Carson, there are plenty of things you can say about Donald Trump, and if you try hard enough, you might even find something that’s not despicable, but modesty is certainly not one of them.

Featured image via video screen capture