Ivanka Trump’s Rabbi Decides Not Speak At RNC For A Very Good Reason

With the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio just days away, presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s list of speakers just got shorter. Many Republicans are opting out of attending the event with the exception of an underwear model, Gov. Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie and Ben Carson. And now, Ivanka Trump’s Rabbi has decided not to attend.

Politico obtained an email from Rabbi Haskel Lookstein to his congregation in which he explained after a backlash that he accepted an invitation from Trump’s daughter to deliver the convocation in Cleveland “out of respect for her and our relationship.”

But that’s all changed now and he explained to his congregation why he had a change of heart.

Politico reports:

“Unfortunately, when my name appeared on a list of speakers at the convention, without the context of the invocation I had been invited to present, the whole matter turned from rabbinic to political, something which was never intended,” wrote Lookstein, who also served as the principal of the prominent Orthodox Jewish school Ramaz.

But there may be more to it than that — like the backlash that ensued when it was revealed that Lookstein was to speak at the convention.

Earlier on Friday, the Jerusalem Post reported that 600 Ramaz alumni had written Lookstein a letter, condemning his decision to speak at the convention. “This is the single action history will remember you by, and history will not be kind,” it read.

Lookstein noted in the email the prayer he intended to deliver at the convention, which reads, in part:

“We thank you for our constitutional government that has created and fostered the American ideals of democracy, freedom, justice and equality for all, regardless of race, religion or national origin. Almighty God: We know that we are living in very dangerous times, when all of these blessings are threatened from without, by forces of terror and unimaginable brutality, and from within, by those who sow the seeds of bigotry, hatred and violence, putting our lives and our way of life at risk.”

He was seriously going to say that at the divisive GOP candidate’s convention. With Ted Cruz, Huckabee and Trump in the room, he was going to speak against bigotry? Wow. That would have gone as well as Ted Nugent speaking at the Democratic Convention. That is, if we even believe the Rabbi’s excuse. The letter penned by 600 Ramaz alumni likely had something to do with Lookstein’s decision.

The Donald is having a very bad day. Tim Tebow released a video in which he strongly denies a story circulated by Trump’s presidential campaign that he will be a speaker at the Republican Convention. Many GOP leaders as well as rising stars in the party are opting out of speaking at the event. However, Trump does have his family members penciled in to offer praise for the hotel magnate. And that includes Ivanka — but without her Rabbi.

Featured image via John Sommers II/Getty.