Dallas Police Chief Just Completely DESECRATED The ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Myth (VIDEO)

Dallas Police Chief David Brown just completely desecrated the favorite myth of gun nuts everywhere, that a “good guy with a gun” will heroically save the day when a bad guy starts shooting. We’ve all heard it from the NRA and its minions, the delusional fantasy that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Turns out, this is BS and Brown just explained why.

Brown was taking questions on Monday following a press conference discussing the vicious attack that left five police officers dead on Thursday. He was asked about the open carry laws in Texas.

“We know that there was at least one gentleman who was a subject — person of interest, during the demonstration he had an AR-15 around his — around his shoulder,” he was asked. “What does this tell you about people using the new Texas law of open carry at a demonstration like this?”

After finding out that the person asking the question was indeed local, Brown explained the position law enforcement finds themselves in as a result of open carry laws put in place by lawmakers who are in the pocket of the NRA. In the process, he completely laid waste to the myth of a  “good guy with a gun” saving the day.

“All right, so, it’s a little different here in Texas in the way we view open carry, concealed carry. We’ve had great dialogue with our state legislators about this. We’ve expressed all of our concerns. We are trying as best as we can as a law enforcement community to make it work so the citizens can express their Second Amendment rights.

But it’s increasingly challenging when people have AR-15s slung over and shootings occur in a crowd and they begin running, and we don’t know — or we don’t know if they’re the shooter or not, or they begin, it’s been the presumption that a good guy with a gun is the best way to resolve some of these things. Well, we don’t know who the good guy is versus who the bad guy is if everybody starts shooting, and we’ve expressed that concern as well.”

Brown concluded by saying that he hopes lawmakers will listen to input from law enforcement when in comes to gun laws. “I have every belief and trust that our folks are listening at the state on this issue, particularly as it involves protests,” said the chief.

He also noted that time after time, congress offers “thoughts and prayers” when mass shootings take place, yet they do nothing to take any meaningful steps towards preventing tragedies like this from occurring. Brown’s message to elected officials was crystal clear: “Do your jobs.”

Watch Dallas Police Chief David Brown obliterate the “good guy with a gun” myth:


Featured image via Stewart F. House/Getty Images