Trump Just Sunk Himself In Pennsylvania With This Gaffe About A Child Sex Scandal

Trump made a visit to the Keystone State in an effort to bolster his numbers for the upcoming Pennsylvania Republican primary election. While there, he managed to prove just how utterly CLUELESS he is about literally anything that happens in the state in two very huge ways, which you will see below.

First came Trump’s incredibly outdated remark about bringing back the steel industry’s lost jobs to the state. Pennsylvania had a long history of major steel manufacturing, but the majority of it was lost decades ago. The jobs literally have been gone in many areas of the state for more than 20 years, and Trump thinks that him arguing with China will bring them back.

As a Pennsylvanian myself, I can tell you it’s really something that blue-collar and middle-class people do not forgive easily. Making what amounts to an ignorant mockery of an issue that many in the state still feel betrayed over due to massive outsourcing of industry from America, will hit Trump badly – especially among his somewhat aged voter demographics that lived through those days of economic collapse.

If you thought that was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. Trump then went on to say something even more offensive about Penn State Football.

Trump asked people at the gathering, “How’s Joe Paterno? Are we gonna bring that back? How about that whole deal?”

The silence afterwards could have been cut with a hatchet.

Here is just a short list of what’s wrong with Trump’s statement. Joe Paterno died in 2012. We won’t be bringing him back. That “whole deal” Trump is talking about is a child sex scandal that was covered up within the Penn State football program, where a member of the staff was literally having sex with children on campus property. Joe Paterno was forced out over it.

Literally EVERYONE in PA knows this. Penn State football is like a religion to many in the state, and for Trump to say what he did shows how ignorant he is about Pennsylvania. Insulting Penn State football is something literally nobody ever did in order to win an election in the state. I can’t wait to see how this turns out for him on primary day. What a joke.

Watch Trump suggest he wants to bring back a child sex scandal below:

Featured image via video screen capture