Fox News Will NEVER Be Able To Say ‘Fair And Balanced’ Again After What Hannity Just Did (AUDIO)

There is a saying – “In Politics, a gaffe is when you accidentally tell the truth.” With that in mind, Sean Hannity just committed the most epic of gaffes during his own radio show when he forgot everything and admitted the truth about not only himself but Fox News as well.

The issue being discussed was Hannity’s softball interviews with Donald Trump. While most of the Republican establishment are doing everything they can to stop Trump, Hannity has been practically turning over his own show to Trump for his propaganda purposes in every interview he conducts with him.

Hannity has gotten some recent blowback on this behavior and took it VERY personally. It got him so worked up and upset, that in a moment of anger-fueled honesty he blurted out, “I’m not a journalist!” Well, look who hit the final stage of grief — acceptance.

Sean finally admitted the thing he’s been denying for years; the fact that he’s nothing but a screaming loser who has as much journalistic ability as a rotten egg.

“I’ll be honest, if I’m interviewing Hillary Clinton, it’s going to be 100 times harder than any Republican, because I believe the Republicans have a far better vision, one that I agree with. I just have less disagreement with them.”

“I’m not a journalist, I’m a talk show host.”

“Fair and Balanced?” – The hell you say!

It surely has to be uncomfortable for the Fox News executives in charge of Hannity to be put into this pickle. He’s a huge cash cow for them, yet now he’s admitting that not only himself – but Fox News by extension in their employment of him – are nothing but hacks stirring a huge stinking pot of propaganda stew that they force feed gullible Americans every night.

Listen to Hannity destroy that final scrap of his credibility below:

Featured image via youtube screen capture