Why Republicans Won’t Block Trump’s Nomination

Let’s clear up a misconception about the nominees of political parties: They can pick whoever the hell they want. Literally. Republicans, Democrats, the Green Party, etc. are all private organizations and they can do whatever they want. That’s not to say they can do whatever they want without consequences (the 1968 Democratic National Convention springs to mind), but they can just pick someone.

So Trump can’t force the RNC to nominate him. He can threaten, scream, have his followers riot and throw a temper tantrum but it’s not unconstitutional or even illegal for the Republican Party to simply say “No!”

But they won’t.

Even though Trump is going to lose in November so badly that history books will marvel at the disaster, Republicans are going to have to grit their teeth and take it without lube. Trump will cost them the Senate, several state legislatures and even possibly the House. The Democrats will be able to take control of the Supreme Court for a generation and fill dozens of important seats in the lower courts for decades to come.

And Republicans are STILL going to have to take it with a smile.

The other option is to take the nomination away from Trump and give it to Cruz or Kasich or someone else entirely – and that risks a permanent schism in the party. Millions of Trump’s followers will  leave the party. Normally, this would not be that large of a threat because where would they go? To the Democrats? A laughable proposition. In normal times, even the angriest Trump voter would grit their teeth and vote Republican anyway.

But these are not normal times.

Conservative politics has become a huge moneymaking scam. The incoherent rage and hate of conservative voters can be easily harnessed to generate millions upon millions of dollars in profit. If Republicans were to alienate Trump’s followers by blatantly silencing them, they would flock to every conman that will rise to feed their racism and anger. And that’s assuming Trump didn’t do it himself, although leading a political party is difficult and Trump is quite lazy. And stupid.

There will be dozens, if not hundreds of charismatic people popping up to claim Trump’s crown as head of the White Resistance and they will drain away conservative voters from the Republicans. Even if the GOP tried to woo them back with promises of extra racism with a side of white power, Republicans will not be able to say it out loud and Trump’s followers are not going to go back to dog whistles. It’s going to be full white supremacy or nothing and that would doom the party in general elections for pretty much ever.

Given the choice between short term loss and long term annihilation, the only real path to take is letting Trump run, lose spectacularly and then pick up the pieces. Although Republicans have lost the capacity for long term planning, even they can’t be so reckless with their own future.

Unless we’re all very VERY lucky, that is….

Featured image via Cagle Cartoons