Republicans Stoop To New Low As They Use Fake ‘PAST DUE’ Notice To Con Gullible Voters (IMAGES)

Just when you think the GOP can’t sink any lower than supporting a candidate whose primary support comes from white supremacists and other far-Right extremists, they prove that it’s possible to tunnel deeper. Sure, this is the party that repeatedly fight against a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, marriage equality, the expression of any religion that doesn’t begin with “Christ-” and end in “-ian,” attempts to deregulate all forms of environmental protection, thinks the Voting Rights and  Civil Rights Acts were terrible ideas, and thinks the poor are an unnecessary drain on society — but they wouldn’t take advantage of their underwhelmingly-intelligent voter base by sending out fake “delinquency notices” in an effort to grift as much cash as possible…would they?

It seems they would.

“Grrrr…look what these bitch ass motherf*cking Republicans are sending out. Really low tactics here,” Bao Jong Lammikins posted to Facebook Monday. “I bet they fool some people into paying what looks like a past due bill.” The post included photos of an envelope that reads, “NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY.” The return address is the OFFICE OF RECORDS/WISCONSIN AREA ASSESSMENT, and ***IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED*** is written twice underneath.

This may seem bad, but what is inside is much, much worse.


The inside includes a message that reads:

“Don’t sit on the sidelines until the last minute. Please send your contribution of $25 or more in the pre-addressed envelope provided immediately.”

At the bottom is a tear-off portion declaring the recipient’s “membership status” to be “PAST DUE” in big, scary bold letters. To the right is a selection of dollar amounts requested.


“This  NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY” has been sent to you because the Republican Party has contacted you mltiple times to ask for your support for our 2016 campaign,” the letter reads, urging Bao to “come forward today,” going on to explain how important it is to “end Obama’s liberal legacy.”


While probably not technically illegal because the letter explains that the “DELINQUENCY NOTICE” referenced a “membership” with the Republican Party, it’s one of the slimiest f*cking things someone can do.

Many commenters rightfully connected the letter with mail scams aimed at the elderly. “This has to be illegal. Some elderly people will pay this thinking they owe,” one commenter wrote. “You should alert the news outlets. Many times the elderly scammed with mailings,” another added.”

“What about people who are not educated enough to read through the letter?” Lammikins wrote, referencing the larger part of the GOP base. He urges everyone to share this despicible attempt to squeeze money out of the Stupid Part of America in hopes that the negative publicity will convince Republicans to act ethically — not that there is any hope of that, given the slew of shady things they do in the first place.

Recently, Ted Cruz sent out a mailer in Iowa accusing residents of a “voting violation.” Citing fake statistics, the Texas Senator attempted to shame people into voting for him, later remarking that he will “apologize to no one” for the shady tactic.

But this letter, which includes the signature of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, is a blatant attempt to scam money — and that is not OK.

Share their shame — warn all of your friends (yes, especially Republicans) that this is happening in hopes that they do not fall victim.

Featured image via screen capture