Georgia Is Going To Waste $2 Million On Deceptive ‘Abortion Clinics’ That Lie To Women

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fake medical offices where religious fanatics pretend to be doctors and nurses to terrorize and deceive desperate women into not having an abortion. And Georgia wants to give them $2 million in taxpayer dollars to do it:

Georgia lawmakers have approved state funding of up to $2m for unlicensed crisis pregnancy centers, dubbed “fake abortion clinics” by some advocates.

The bill, which specifies that abortion care should not be mentioned when discussing healthcare options for pregnant women, will now go before Governor Nathan Deal for his signature.

Remember when Republicans used to talk about “small government?” It really doesn’t get much larger than Republicans telling people that they can’t discuss a 100% legal and constitutional medical procedure because it offends their religious sensibilities.

The best part about this is that these clinics are not regulated so they can say any damn thing they want (expect anything about abortion, apparently). They can lie about abortions causing cancer. They can lie and show a picture of a baby in its third trimester and say that’s what it looks like after 6 weeks. Raw Story also mentions that they lie about the effectiveness of condoms and claim birth control causes. Why? Because they don’t give a damn about the woman, they only care about getting her pregnant and keeping that way.

This dangerous ploy has not gone unnoticed:

“We’re going to give $2m out to organizations not even licensed by the State of Georgia to provide medical care in any way?” said Staci Fox, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast. “If this is really about providing access to women, shouldn’t we be concerned about who it is that is giving that access?”

Only in Republican America do we have people willing to put the lives of women in jeopardy for religious beliefs and still, in all sincerity, call themselves “pro-life.”

Featured image via AI archives.