This Anti-Abortionist’s Comment On Flint Crisis Proves ‘Pro-Life’ Republicans Don’t Exist (AUDIO)

A so-called “pro-life” Republican has yet again proven the entire concept of being “pro-life” is a total fraud — this time, with her comments on the Flint water crisis. Sandy Rios, who wastes her time fighting against both abortion and contraception, has declared the Flint lead poisoning crisis and the Zika virus as liberal conspiracy theories that are not worthy of concern.

Rios actually made the incredible suggestion that neither of the health crises posed as great a threat as either ISIS or Latino immigrants. How Latino immigrants moving into this country are related to an entire American city being poisoned for over a year is beyond comprehension.

A caller to her radio show asked her why she and other Republicans that are obsessed with the well-being of fetuses were mostly silent on the Flint water crisis. Rios had the following mind-numbing response:

“The whole issue in Michigan — the left loves to, they’re now creating this, I’m sorry, I’m going to really go out on a limb here, this Zika virus which I haven’t talked about. They love to come up with tragedies and they love to blame and they love to scare people. I think this issue in Michigan is a serious one, but I don’t think it’s the big issue that these other issues are.”

Source: Rawstory

Here is a bit of context on what Rios said. Lead poisoning is not safe at any level for any person, but it’s most harmful to developing brains and nervous systems found in fetuses and children. The Zika virus has been linked to microcephaly, which is a condition that causes abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development. It’s causing such an epidemic in Brazil that at least one judge is planning on challenging Brazil’s harsh restrictions on abortion, which only allow for exceptions of rape or life of the mother.

These are real public health issues that are seriously endangering the unborn, and an absolutely rabid Christian anti-abortionist just blows them off, insisting they are not a serious problem. It’s unreal how narrowly they define their concern for the unborn. They seem to only care about the act of forcing women to give birth. Whether or not the child is healthy is of no concern.

Listen to Rios’ ridiculous comments below:

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Featured image from Huffington Post