Tea Party Jujitsu: Democrats Hilariously Using Tea Party Rage AGAINST Republicans

Jujitsu is the Japanese style of fighting that uses an opponent’s strength against them. It’s a delightfully satisfying way to defeat someone and the Democratic Party has embraced the concept with no small amount of glee:

In some of the top competitive Senate races this year, Democrats on Monday planned a new line of attack against opponents they see as vulnerable: They are calling those Republican opponents reliable Republicans.

Using a metric that has been used before by the GOP against Democrats, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said it would hit vulnerable Republicans in eight states over their high “party unity” scores, as ranked by the conservative Americans for Prosperity and the nonpartisan CQ Vote Studies.

You would think that being a reliable party member would be a good thing, as Republican voters have historically been in lockstep with the party, but those days are loooong gone. You see, once upon a time, there was this group called “The Tea Party” and they hated the black president “Socialism” and “Big Government” and “Taxes” more than life itself. The Republican Party harnessed that rage and promised to impeach the black president, cut taxes for the rich everyone, make America white again destroy the government and elect Jesus for president. But, of course, all they really wanted was to take over Congress and the White House so they could get back to handing America over to the 1%.

The Tea Party is very proud of being jaw-droppingly ignorant but after several years of Republicans not burning the country to the ground, the Tea Party has finally figured out that the GOP does not represent them and their hatred of all things not white government in the slightest. Instead, they’ve become acutely aware that they got played for suckers.

These days, being a reliable and loyal establishment Republican is a great way to get a primary challenge. The Tea Party is so mad that (among many other things) homosexuality hasn’t been outlawed yet that they’ve declared open war on a Republican Party that refuses to shut the entire country down over men kissing in public. And when, exactly, are Republicans going to have all of those immigrants deported or shot? If they can’t build a 200 foot wall at the border, they must be in league with the United Nations to take over America!

With this kind of incoherent and mindless rage controlling the Republican base, all Democrats have to do is whisper “Hey, that Republican over there doesn’t hate Latinos and gays as much as you do…”, sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Featured image via Cagle.com