Watch How Absurd A Gun Nut Looks Defending U.S. Gun Violence On A UK TV Show (VIDEO)

Try to picture a place where gun control is real — where people can sit in a coffee shop without worrying that a lunatic is going to start indiscriminately shooting people. Imagine you didn’t have to worry about the safety of your children when they got on that school bus. Conjure an image where things are peaceful enough that most of the police don’t even carry guns, and when they do they wear big yellow letters that say “armed.”

Believe it or not, those places do exist. In a far away land called Europe and another called Australia, people have learned that guns don’t have to be what defines them and that if a society is to evolve, it must do so peacefully. They’ve moved on to bigger and better things while here at home, we dig the hole a little bit deeper.

President Obama’s executive orders on gun control have put America in the spotlight. People from all over the world want to know if the United States has finally learned its lesson and decided to take action. In the UK, where gun deaths for the year won’t reach the number America has had in five days, talking to a Yank who loves guns has to be almost as comical as it is ridiculous.

The talking points we listen to every day and have accepted as the right-wing response, sound even more absurd when you hear them spoken to a Brit. This particular ammosexual, Niel McCabe from Armed American Radio, tosses out that kicks and fists have killed more people than rifles, knowing full-well that “rifles” aren’t the culprit in most murders and suicides, handguns are. He keeps tossing blurb after blurb of the same old rhetoric. If we can’t have a law that will 100 percent solve the problem, we shouldn’t have laws at all. It’s really just so stupid.

It’s really just so stupid.

BBC43 Host Jon Snow has some tough questions for the flat top-wearing poster boy who is for the “right” to keep killing each other. His brilliant tactic of reminding McCabe how many Americans have died, a number that increases by sixteen people in just under four minutes:

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