Republican Family Values: ‘Rape Is Non Existent In Marriage, Take What You Want’

What do you get when you combine misogyny, conservatism, religion and a dash of douchebag? You get a Republican. Specifically, you get Texas State Rep. Johnathan Stickland who assures his fellow manly men that their wives are their property to do whatever they want with:

Using the profile name “Stick,” Stickland responded to a question about sex with his wife in a comment posted to a fantasy football discussion forum in 2008.

“Rape is non existent in marriage, take what you want my friend!” the lawmaker reportedly wrote to another forum user who complained that his wife would not perform the “reverse cowboy” position during sex.

Stickland, of course, is far from alone in declaring that rape is not really rape. Over the last several years, Republicans have made complete asses of themselves on numerous occasions while discussing the non-rapeiness of rape. So much so that the RNC held actual classes to teach Republicans how to NOT talk about rape. Just think about that for a second: Republican staffers needed to be taught to STFU about rape because their views are so knuckledraggingly stupid that they embarrassed the entire party.

But, you know, there’s no war on women and the Republican Party doesn’t suffer from deep-seated sexism bordering on misogyny.

Unsurprisingly, Stickland is a bible-humpin’ real ‘Murikan Tea Partier! If you wander over to his twitter page, you’ll find that he considers himself a “Christian Conservative Liberty Loving Republican.” And he sure is! He has the liberty to rape his wife because Jesus said so! What’s more conservative than that? He’s totally anti-establishment, too. Ain’t no one gonna tell Stickland what to do! Especially his wife. “Not tonight, you have a headache? I don’t think so, honeybuns! Now stop crying, you’re ruining the mood!”

By the way, Stickland has two daughters. You may now weep for their future.

I expect that Stickland’s replusive view of marriage will only make him that much more popular with his Tea Party supporters. Because in Texas, they do everything bigger, including produce the largest assholes you’ve ever seen.


Featured image via youtube.