NY Imbecile Attacks Innocent ‘Muslim Motherf*cker,’ Smashes Windows Because, You Know, ‘ISIS’ (VIDEO)

As the fearmongering of Republicans, and Donald Trump in particular, continues to spiral out of control, the number of hate crimes against Muslims has skyrocketed. The latest example (as of this writing) of mindless bigotry took place in New York as Robert Murino, a 26-year-old moron, went full Trump:

Workers said Robert Murino appeared to be drunk and began to spew hate-filled words about Muslim people.

“You Muslim guys, you m****rf****rs,” Tahir Mahmood recalled hearing him say.

Mahmood was working behind the counter and said Murino harassed customers about their religious beliefs.

He then turned his aggression towards Mahmood and hit him in the head.

“‘What’s your religion? You’re a Muslim!’ He used very bad words,” Mahmood said.

After being slapped in the face, Mahmood literally kicks Murino out of the store by, well, kicking him repeatedly until he leaves. But, not satisfied with making an ass of himself, Murino goes all the way and rushes back in, grabbing a chair and smashing the counter display windows. That’ll teach ISIS to do bad things in other parts of the world! Yeah!

Here’s the video:

Big bad Murino was arrested a little while later and charged with criminal mischief and assault as a hate crime, a violent felony with a minimum sentence of 6 years.

The longer Trump and his despicable partners in hate, the GOP, are allowed to spread fear and hate, the more anti-Muslim violence is sure to follow. Mahmood was lucky that Murino was not armed and that New York is not a “Stand Your Ground” state. It’s just a matter of time until a macho gun-totin’ ‘Murikan picks a fight with some random Muslim and then kills him in “self-defense.” After all, the guy could have been a terrorist, right?

As usual, Republicans only care about the short-term political gain of demonizing Muslims and could care less about the long-term damage to our society of how much easier they’re making it for ACTUAL ISIS members to recruit more followers based on “America’s war against Islam” that only exists in the minds of Muslim and Christian extremists.


Featured image via screencap.