‘Screw Reality,’ Say Conservatives — Planned Parenthood Shooting Was A Bank Robbery (SCREENSHOTS)

At some point, no matter how much you want to believe something, you just have to let go of that fantasy. That moment came for Fox News on Sunday morning when the media organization was forced to admit that Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear said “no more baby parts” after his bloody attack on the facility — though Fox conveniently left out that the shooter also set up propane tanks in the parking lot, apparently not understanding that he would need an open flame source to actually ignite them.

On Sunday, Fox posted an article to its Facebook page with the headline, “Planned Parenthood Official Says Colorado Gunman Opposed Abortion.”


Fox’s report on the “no more baby parts” development largely focused on a statement from Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain CEO Vicki Cowart in which she pointed out that the attack “was motivated by opposition to safe and legal abortion.”

Fox mentioned the “no more baby parts” line, then quickly moved on to showcase the Center For Medical Progress’ “condemnation” of the attack (The deceptively-named organization, of course, is responsible for the fraudulent “Baby Parts” videos that helped urge Dear to kill in the name of stopping Planned Parenthood from “selling” these “parts”) before moving on to claims that the shooter was not in any way religious or anti-abortion — despite an official announcing that the act of terrorism was “definitely politically motivated.”

Though Fox finally sort of admitted the truth, the “news” organization’s audience was not convinced. After all, just days before, Fox reported (and the Right repeated exhaustively) that this was a bank robbery gone wrong. The attack, according to conservatives, began at the neighboring Chase Bank — even though Chase, law enforcement, and anyone who does not need adult supervision to operate a butter knife, say otherwise.

The comments on Fox’s Facebook page lit up with pissed-off conservatives, many of whom wondered why Fox wasn’t reporting the “truth” — that Dear was attempting to rob a bank:2015-11-29_12-41-12 2015-11-29_12-37-17 2015-11-29_12-37-00 2015-11-29_12-35-262015-11-29_12-33-27 2015-11-29_12-32-00 2015-11-29_12-31-25 2015-11-29_12-29-36 2015-11-29_12-29-01 2015-11-29_12-28-39

But, of course, reality is a thing, and Chase killed the “bank” theory days ago:


Sorry, conservatives, Mr. Dear was not concerned with robbing a bank. He, spurred by David Daledein, Carly Fiorina and the rest of the GOP clown car, right-wing media, and you — yes, you — decided to champion a cause that was important to him. To Dear, this attack was a crusade against an evil cabal that butchers babies, selling their parts on the black market for Satanic rituals or whatever you do with “baby parts.”

In short, You own this.

It’s time for the American Right to step up and admit that their misinformation, their hate speech, their outright lies all contributed to Dear’s decision to start shooting.

At some point, doesn’t it become at least a little embarrassing to repeatedly inspire men like Robert Dear, Dylann Roof, Jerad Miller, and others to open fire in the name of your various causes?

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