Watch Chelsea Clinton Totally Shut Down A Creepy Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Troll (VIDEO)

Republicans have a thing about punching down — tenaciously attacking noncombatants in the political debate. They’ve always done it. Whether it’s children, dead children, random school-district-level officials or homeless people, they prefer easy targets. Because they’re totally not cowards. Not at all.

In the absence of integrity, intelligence or empirical arguments, the last resort of a mindless posse is to target children and defenseless bystanders. It’s because their policy positions and bumper sticker sloganeering is increasingly thin and indefensible, so they attack those who are unable to fight back. The alternative is to take on capable and experienced opponents who can potentially disprove and debunk their crapola ideas. But they’re too cowardly for that.

For most of the 1990s, for example, the GOP set its sights on then-teenager Chelsea Clinton. Why? Because she’s a Clinton and, evidently, they thought Chelsea wasn’t very attractive. Again, classy and ballsy. A typical afternoon for Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly apparently involves finding new ways to bully teenage girls about how ugly they are — followed by awkward masturbation sessions with crush porn.

Along those lines, a far-right troll approached Chelsea Clinton at a book signing and asked her about a relatively new conspiracy theory that she was fathered not by President Clinton, but by Arkansas lawyer and Whitewater figure Webster Hubbell. Yes, there’s actually a Birther-style story emerging about Clintons, just in time for 2016. Stand by for the demands to see a DNA test and the long-form birth certificate.

Naturally, Chelsea played this creep like a pro:

“Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton,” he said while Chelsea was looking down, signing a copy of “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going.”

The question was in reference to a long-time rumor alleging Chelsea was the result of an affair between the Clinton lawyer and Hillary.

Looking up, smiling, Chelsea responded, “I am so proud to be my parents’ daughter,” without actually naming her parents.

Also, go eff yourself sideways, troll. (I hope she was at least thinking that.)


Featured image via video screen capture.