Sarah Palin Refers To Black Lives Matter Protestors As ‘Dogs’ (VIDEO)

At a Tea Party Patriots rally outside the Capitol building protesting the Iran Nuclear deal, which featured former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, racism was in full throttle.

At the rally, Palin referred to Black Lives Matter protestors as “dogs” who are under the control of President Obama:

“Oh, and uh, you know, since our president won’t say it, since he still hasn’t called off the dogs, we’ll say it: police officers and first responders all across this great nation we got your back. We salute you, thank you police officers!”

Although Palin did not directly refer to the Black Lives Matter movement by name, Jesse Berney, senior editor at Blue Nation Review, pointed out two things: One, if she isn’t referring to BLM, the most vocal opponent of police brutality against blacks, then who is she referring to? Two, it’s colloquialism, because she’s using the word “dogs” to insult a group of people.

By that logic, Palin was indeed referring to a group of black Americans who are taking a stand against brutality as “dogs.”

It is no secret that Sarah Palin harbors racist feelings towards those who are non-white. After accusing President Obama of “palling around with terrorists,” and telling immigrants to “speak American,” it should come as no surprise to anyone that Palin would generalize fed-up black Americans as being a “vicious, unthinking attack dog who just follows order,” as Berney contends.

What is also surprising is the fact that she (and all those in the crowd) think President Obama is the one in control of the grassroots movement Black Lives Matter, and all he has to do is “call them off” and the movement will just somehow disappear.

These people really are that dimwitted.

And of course everyone in the crowd cheered with thunderous passion for Palin’s mind-boggling stupidity. They probably did the same thing with her “speak American” comment.

Here’s the video via C-SPAN:

Image is a screen caption from the video above