Republican Colonel Goes Off On Dick Cheney, Says He’s Officially ‘Lost His Mind’

Dick Cheney is vehemently against the Iran Nuclear agreement, so we should all naturally support it.

Just a few days ago, Cheney went on Fox News with host Chris Wallace and received some surprising but necessary criticism of his handlings with Iran. Wallace pointed out that under his Administration, Iran went from 0 to 5,000 centrifuges, and said their Administration left behind a mess for the current one.

Cheney of course pivoted, and went on about how terrible and dangerous the Iran deal would be for America’s security. Typical talking points from a war-hawk.

A Republican Colonel did not take Cheney’s criticisms of the deal lightly. Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to former Secretary of State General Colin Powell (who supports the Iran deal), appeared on MSNBC with host Chris Hayes and went off on the former vice president:

“I have been searching for a single word that would describe Dick Cheney. And I am afraid the only one that I can think of is ‘insanity’. It’s a deliberate, it’s a methodical, it’s a lucid, often lucid insanity. But it is insanity nonetheless. He can’t recognize reality. He can’t recognize the truth. The good thing Chris, for this country is that Independents, Republicans, and Democrats wish he would just go away now. He has almost no influence. You saw the influence he has virtually by numbers.”

Wilkerson also said Cheney’s personality drastically changed after 9/11, saying the former V.P. went from being a brilliant strategist to being “devoid of reason:”

“I can’t explain it. Maybe its physiological. Maybe it’s biological. Maybe 9/11 did something to him. He is simply devoid of reason and he doesn’t recognize reality anymore.”

Just when Wilkerson couldn’t be anymore on point, he pulled out the gross association between Dick Cheney, his millions, and the Defense Industrial Complex:

“Cheney is a millionaire now. So maybe I am assuming his insanity and maybe I am wrong. Maybe he sees this as a way, as a route to success and it turned out to be profitable. His personal finances now are quite well established. He is a multi-millionaire. This is a man who in 1998, Chris, said most forcefully as CEO of Halliburton, that sanctions were not working, that they wouldn’t work unless they were comprehensive and international. And he wanted to do deals with Iran. And so he was bashing sanctions up one wall and down the other. This is a man who’s lost his mind.”

So not only has Cheney completely flip-flopped, but he’s made millions in the process. They aren’t wrong when they say money talks.

Remember, Wilkerson is a Republican. Luckily there are a handful of Republicans who will call out the very dangerous, mentally unstable, and disgraced Dick Cheney and will side with what is right.

Watch the video below:

Image is a screen caption of the interview