Israel Refuses To Take In Refugees, Will Instead Build A Wall To Keep Them Out

Another day, another instance in which heartless Israeli Prime Minister (and a de facto leader of the Republican Party) Benjamin Netanyahu diminishes Israel’s credibility in the world. As the civil war in Syria continues intensifies, human rights groups across the world have begged countries to the aid thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the war zone – some countries, particularly in Europe, have stepped up to plate (including the Vatican).

Then you have Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu announced last Sunday that Israel will refuse taking in any of the Syrian refugees, citing border security concerns.

What will Israel do instead? Build a wall to keep them out on the eastern border with Jordan.

At his press conference, Netanyahu said:

“There is a combination of very brutal terror that spreads along our borders, of migrant worker infiltrators, of smugglers, and also in the face of the human tragedy that is taking place 360 degrees around us. This means that we must regain control and ensure Israel’s control over its borders, almost 360 degrees because we also have a border with the sea.”

So, in Netanyahu’s empty head, those drowning in the Mediterranean Sea as they attempt to escape persecution are “infiltrators.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the small country has built a wall to keep out those seeking refuge. It has done so on its border with Egypt and in the Golan Heights.

Netanyahu also blamed the influx of migration on other countries, saying, “[This is] what happens when countries lose control of their borders.”

Meanwhile, other countries may be reluctant but they are still making an effort to do the right thing in the face of the massive humanitarian crisis. Here’s what we have so far:

The United States is stalling in its response, but there are members in the Senate who are pushing for the White House to take in over 10,000 refugees.

Israel, however, stands out in its coldness. Yisrael Katz, a Likud minister close to Netanyahu, said, “Israel must not get involved in what is happening is Syria. We are not a European country. We are too close.”

Alluding to the Holocaust, Israel’s left-leaning Labor Party president Isaac Herzog hit back:

“Jews cannot remain indifferent when hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking safe harbor. Our people experienced firsthand the silence of the world, and cannot be indifferent in the face of the rampant murders and massacres taking place in Syria.”

Herzog also said Netanyahu “forgot what it is to be Jewish.”

Remember: Israel was largely founded by refugees. But Netanyahu’s rank nationalism and Islamophobia comes first instead of human decency.

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