Pope Francis Asks Every Catholic European Parish To Take In A Refugee Family

While right-wing nationalists in Europe (and America) turn a blind eye to the sufferings and plights of thousands of refugees, Pope Francis is living Christ’s example, and asking every Catholic parish in Europe to take in a refugee family in need.

During his weekly prayer in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church said to a crowd of thousands:

“In front of the tragedy of the tens of thousands of refugees escaping death by war or hunger, on the path towards the hope of life, the Gospel calls us, asks us to be ‘neighbors’ of the smallest and most abandoned. To this end, with the nearing of the Jubilee of Mercy, I address an appeal to the parishes, to the religious communities, to the monasteries and sanctuaries of all of Europe to express the concreteness of the Gospel and welcome a family of refugees.”

The Pope even called on his own Parish, the parish of Rome, to do the same. While refugees die in the waters of the Mediterranean escaping violence and oppression in Iraq, Syria, and northern-African countries, the international community has appeared to be relatively quiet until recently.

While Democratic senators have been pushing the White House to allow 65,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S., Republicans, led by Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), have of course denounced them as a “federally funded Jihadi pipeline.” McCaul identifies as a Roman Catholic.

France’s Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right nationalist party National Front and possibly the country’s next president, decried a recent photo of a dead refugee boy as nothing but “politicians who throw the death of a child in your face.” Le Pen identifies as a Roman Catholic.

Once again, Pope Francis is proving that the Republicans and the worldwide conservatives are in fact not as Christian as they like to pretend to be. And they certainly are not following their own church’s doctrine of belief.

Francis reminded his crowd and church officials that to allow these refugees into Europe is an act of love and human compassion. Quoting from the Book of Matthew, he said:

“I address myself to my brother bishops of Europe … that in their dioceses they will support this appeal of mine, remembering that Mercy is the second name of Love. Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

As many as 2,700 refugees have died trying to make it to Europe, including 200 recently when their boat capsized in the Mediterranean. If these refugees were predominantly Christian, Republicans would be open their arms for a warm welcome. But because they are predominantly Muslim, the world turns a blind eye.

Not Pope Francis. His compassion towards refugees has been well documented in his papacy. No matter who they are, what religion they hold dear, no matter the color of their skin, he’s been there for them.

Pope Francis – once again showing “Christians” what being a Christian is all about.

 Featured image via Wikipedia