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When You’re Right, You’re Right: House Rep Calls Trump Campaign A ‘Carnival’ (TWEETS)

It’s amazing how far Donald Trump has dragged the Republican primary campaign to the right. It was bad enough already, but Trump’s pronouncements against immigrants and lack of seriousness on other important topics have made it exponentially worse.

Republicans are starting to stand up and speak out against the Trump campaign. They are few and far between at present, but their ranks will swell as we get closer to the election.

One brave voice has now joined the anti-Trump sect of the GOP. Rep. Reid Ribble of Wisconsin has had enough of Trump doing damage to the Republican brand. Calling Trump’s campaign a “carnival,” told USA Today on Friday:

“You can’t be calling women bimbos, we can’t just be kicking sand in the sandbox and saying, ‘You’re dumb’ and ‘You’re a loser. We actually need a grownup, not a 3-year-old in the White House.”

Ribble makes a good point. Trump does act like a toddler, calling people names and throwing tantrums. Anyone who questions him or criticizes him in any way becomes a target. Look at Megyn Kelly or Kareem Abdul-Jabar. Trump has gone after Jeb! for speaking Spanish, even though Bush was speaking to Latinos. Trump insults, calls names and brushes away criticism like the egotistical baby he is. Questions about policy are met with either insults or simply saying he won some poll or other. To Trump, winning something makes him better than everyone else. He is fixated on the concept of victory. We don’t need that kind of sociopath in the White House.

Ribble continued:

“These are very serious times, and they require serious people at the helm. And they require people who haven’t declared bankruptcy four times but want you to believe they’re great businesspeople. We’re looking for the CEO of the largest economy in the world.”

Ribble finds Trump’s behavior abhorrent and has called him out for it in interviews and on Twitter, where he heckles the Donald:

The media is complicit in creating and maintaining this circus, Ribble notes. And he’s not wrong. The 24-hour news channels have become so entrenched in Trumpmania that they ignore other candidates. Ribble asserts that the media are treating Trump’s campaign like a reality show:

“They’re all standing there like in shock and all, wondering what this person is going to say next, and they love all this kind of stuff, and so they keep putting him on TV, putting him on TV. He has played the media like a fine-tuned instrument, and I’m not even sure the the media is aware they’re being played by this guy — maybe they are and they probably don’t care because they’re selling advertising.”

So far, the chorus against Trump is small. But the voices will become louder as we ramp up into the primaries and general election. Right now, Trump is at the head of the pack. If that continues, the Republican party will go the way of the Whigs. Trump is like their parasite, working from the inside to kill the host. So far, he’s doing a pretty good job of it.


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