This Republican Writer Has Made Bizarre Sexual Writings, Death Threats About Clintons

It’s no secret that Republicans absolutely loathe Hillary Clinton. Many of them hate her because she is a woman, others hate her because she is successful, and they all hate her because she is a progressive. And when you have a successfully progressive woman on the national stage, conservative men will spew the most vile hatred.

There is, however, a conservative who takes the cake when it comes to Hillary-hating — Robert Morrow.

According to Marrow’s author’s bio, he is “a political researcher and alternative historian with expertise on the Clintons, the Bush family, and the JFK assassination. He holds a history degree from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Texas.” Morrow also has no steady job, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Although he does have a rather nice inheritance he’s living off of.

“Alternative historian,” A.K.A a conspiracy theorist who speculates rather than informs.

In October, Morrow will be releasing a book along with former Donald Trump aide Roger Stone entitled The Clintons’ War On Women. Ann Coulter has already written a great review!

Considering how much Republicans loved Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, one can only imagine they’ll be jumping for joy at this new book. There is, however, one thing every Republican should be curious about: Morrow is undoubtedly a vile, offensive, mentally unstable hate mongerer.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of his past comments about Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

Warning: This post contains graphic language and content.

From Facebook [1/16/2013]:

I hope Bill Clinton talks Hillary into running in 2016 … and she loses and or both of them die from medical complications of the campaign trail begging folks to vote for Hillary. That would be nice.

From Facebook [12/11/2012]:

If Hillary Clinton died of natural causes – being a bitter old angry fat nasty hag – before she could become the first angry bull dyke womyn [sic] president in 2012 – would anyone here be concerned about that?

From Facebook [9/7/2014]:

What Size Penis Do You Think Hillary Clinton Has: Small, Medium, Large Or Horse-Sized?

From Facebook [12/15/2013]:

Someone who knew Chelsea Clinton at Stanford in the late 1990’s told me, as we worked out in the gym, that Chelsea was the slut for the Stanford swim. At least men like her unlike her mother.

From Facebook [6/19/2014]:

She [Hillary Clinton] is an old 69 and very fat, probably hypertensive if brain hemorrhages have occurred. Clintons been there done that. Repeat politicians a disaster. New blood needed.

According to Talking Points Memo, Morrow also organized a robo-call effort in 2008 in which he accused Hillary Clinton (without any evidence) or killing a cat, covering up a rape, and having an affair with the late Vince Foster.

So here we have the world’s biggest Hillary hater…and he’s not a 12-year-old kid in his parents’ basement. He’s a full-grown man who is releasing a book that already has captured the attention of other famous conservative writers.

Let’s see how many of the GOP presidential contenders love him.

Featured image is a screen capture via YouTube